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    O/d Off

    Thanks - I sense you must be right. How do I turn it back on please?
  2. The electric driver wing mirror in this 1988 corolla 1.6 auto has started to "droop downwards". OK ... OK...!! Have managed to take the glass off and it seems all the motor offset wheels work OK. There is only 1 long plastic finger bit holding the glass in and I wonder if there ought to be 2 i.e. one in each corner. Any suggestions please? Thanks
  3. Crempog

    O/d Off

    This yellow light o/d off has just appeared on my dashboard (1988 Corolla 1.6 auto) and I have no idea what it means. Any suggestions please? Thanks
  4. Thanks for suggestion. Had not thought of that. If it is not .... I still don't know where the starter motor is on this engine!! What beer you drink?
  5. Sorry to be a bit of Klutz concerning these things but my trusted V reg Corolla has gone for years without being a problem so I haven't had to learn much - until now. I understand it is a 4E-FE engine with about 70K on the clock. Occasionally the first key turn starts the starter motor then no problem However, increasingly there is just a dull klanky sound and it may take up to 5 key turns to get the engine going. Any suggestions as to there the main problem might be please? I have the Hayes Manual for the car and it says the starter motor is somewhere near the air filter mechanism. I ha
  6. First time today had to call out AA. Corolla 99 1400cc ticked over but the engine wouldn't fire. AA man said it was probably dirty crankshaft sensor but couldn't find where it was and also had no test gear. He did not seem very bright. He suggested a tow to local Toyota garage for repair but I resisted. 1hr after he left, car started OK but I am worried in case it breaks down again. Where is crankshaft sensor and can it be easily sorted as I don't want to pay large sums if the job is simple or cheaper to scrap the vehicle. Thanks:
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