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  1. Buy a Toyota, Buy the best, buy a rope and tow the rest! drive her on she'll not let ye down!
  2. Tara you might get one in Traynors in Armagh tel. 02838891242 what do you think of your g6r ? we should have a g6r meet sometime soon! wouldnt say no to a meet When shall we all meet?
  3. The old shape 4 stud celica brakes fit. There also 254mm but I believe they are thicker. As fitted to a northern irish car on toyotaownersclub.com My '96 ABS equipped paseo has 238mm discs am I right? Can I fit 254mm non-ABS system from a '99 paseo?
  4. I changed mine yesterday. Remove the trim below steering wheel, the bit with the speaker on it. Take it out altogether give yourself more room. Then take off the small square-ish piece of trim between the door sill and the bottom of the dash. Just pulls off. Remove the two wee screws holdin the aerial in place outside the car. Wiggle it about an you will see the aerial wire movin inside the car. When the wire comes down the A pillar below the dash it does a U turn right up to the big shiny cross bar that runs behind the dash. Run your hand up the wire to the cross bar and you will find the wire is held by one clip. Just pushes out. Easy after that. Before you remove aerial from A pillar tie a piece of string to the end of it and pull the string up through the A pillar. You need to tie the string to the end of the new aerial to be able to pull it back down through the A pillar. Use some sellotape to tape up the end of aerial wire where its tied to the string or the wee plug will keep on catching when you try to pull it down.
  5. Tara you might get one in Traynors in Armagh tel. 02838891242 what do you think of your g6r ? we should have a g6r meet sometime soon!
  6. My friend is lookin to supercharge his 5EFE Starlet and we're wondering if anyone know who does a supercharger kit that would do. Prefer UK and Ireland companies.
  7. have sourced a 5efe in belfast, thanks everyone for the help
  8. My mate needs a 1.5 5EFE engine for his Toyota Starlet. Cash waitin, the 4E has **** herself. In Ireland would be great but can collect in england if need be. Yes he is mad.
  9. go to jays garage on toyotaownersclub.com £25 for a drive shaft
  10. http://www.rs-r.co.jp/products/lateral/index.htm Check this out. Shortened pan-hard rod
  11. Pi if you drive on good main roads and TRD for back roads. 25 mm limit if you r on the bumpy stuff
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