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  1. Yeah because that accident apparently had everything to do with coasting in neutral, nothing with either that being a sh*tty excuse or not being able to drive very well at all.. I will occasionally coast but you don't save gas on it so it's just about keeping your speed towards a right turning green light or something similar.
  2. Not actively working on this, but the ISB on my trans is dead (sounds like a bunch of marbles being thrown around inside a can if you wonder). For now I'm throwing in a stock trans from another gas car. Having said that, I have made some observations and I also have some questions. The Aisin C150 is the box in the 1.3 and 1.5 liter cars. However I saw C153 on a diesel trans listed at a yard, I tried searching around but I didn't get any wiser from that. However, the service manuals Cyker has seems to be for the 1ND-TV diesel car, and the 06 Manual Transaxle in the workshop manual is, drumroll, a C153. Now the breakthrough: I took down my old gearbox on Saturday having read the manual provided by Cyker, not realising it was for the diesel. The rear motor mount and gearbox mount looks to be identical from the unbolting process; the clutch slave design looks identical; the starter motor bolts in the same way; the shifter cables look to be the same and (new drumroll), the whole design at least in the workshop manual looks to be identical with the C150 I have two of in the workshop. The main question is drive shaft lenghts, spline size and also the input shaft size and splines. If the input shaft and number of splines is the same, it should be do-able to do a diesel swap. Of course if axles etc are different, one would need new axles, possibly new wheel hubs and then possibly other stuff. For the diesel owners, does the diesel have an LSD? Wikipedia lists the C153 with LSD and that would just make it an even more interesting transmission :)
  3. Some of the Funcargo/Verso stuff is close to the regular Yaris; the 1NZ/2NZ gas engines, the 1ND-TV diesel engine, the transmissions fitted (C150 and C153), etc. These are also shared with the Toyota Echo/Yaris Sedan, Scion xB/Toyota bB etc so any service manual here will be fine. The chassis stuff will obviously be different from the regular Yaris to the Funcargo, and also the suspension stuff. The Verso is closer to the Toyota bB and iST than it is to the regular Yaris, I have found many part numbers being the same on for instance the iST and bB and the Funcargo. If you need any guidance to anything, feel free to ask me.. My daily driver, currently at 170k miles.
  4. Usually things like axle shaft diameters depend on how much power/torque is being distributed. With splines and lengths you could be lucky or not, depends on the manufacturer. In the watercooled VW world essentially everything is LEGO, for my old Daihatsus nearly nothing fits between models. If someone has an engine and gearbox manual it should be listed there. Oh and Cyker, that's good to know for sure! The 1.3 gasser is exact; +1k rpm in 5th equals +30kmh. 3k is 100 kmh (62mph), 4k is 130 kmh/~80 mph which is highway cruising speed around here.
  5. My Funcargo (Verso) transmission is possibly on its way out, it's making noise at least This is a chance for a potential upgrade. My question is, are the transmissions from a diesel geared differently than the gassers? Mine is a 1.3, at highway speeds (about 80 mph) the car is at 4k rpm which I think is crazy. If I can use a diesel trans to bring the revs down some that would be cool. But this leaves another question, if there are any benefits of looking for a diesel box. Does anyone have info on axle lengths, number of splines and shaft sizes on gassers vs diesels? I.e does a diesel box require different axles for instance, or even hubs?
  6. Some years ago the car developed something odd.. Full tank, all lines on the fuel gauge are on so it's not a bad bulb/led whatever. But it skips from 1 used to 3 used. Maybe fuel sender? Car has 160k miles and counting..
  7. Let's see.. From Norway to Cyprus, roughly 3000 miles each way.. Along the mountains between Karaman and Tasucu, Turkey And down the drive in my holiday home in Cyprus together with my beater down there Do I win a prize? :D As another fun fact I gotta admit the car has also been to Madrid, Spain (about 2k miles each way), to Verona, Italy (about 1200), to John O'Groats, Scotland and around whole Ireland incl Belfast and Northern Ireland, in four different trips, in addition to the Turkey/Cyprus trip. I'd say somewhere around 15-20k of the mileage on the car has been tripping through Europe.. There are three new trips I'd like to do sometime with this car; Northern Africa including Western Sahara and beyond, Russia and Iran through Armenia and Georgia.. :)
  8. 72k miles over the past four years, has 132k now.. Still love this car.. Wound the rear coils a tad more down this year 8Jx17 ET20 Rotiform BLQs, Tein Super Street coilovers off a Scion xB, Rav4 stubby antenna, JDM Funcargo rear badge, Golf Mk3 CL/GL front lip, Sparco P350 wheel with OMP hub..
  9. Ooh then the options are endless..! All this Auris talk has made me want one a little lol.
  10. Thanks bud! :) Absolutely, if you take a look at oldschool JDM style and oldskool euro style they are very similar (13-15", wide wheels and massive lowering). No reason why the new school cars should be any different! If I could get my hands on a set of BBS RSs or OZ Futuras to a reasonable price I'd run euro wheels on the Yaris for sure The Auris has a 5x100 pcd right?
  11. Oh wouldn't be a walk in the park at all.. But electronics can be worked around (a stock front/engine harness with a stock ecu and custom cluster harness or a a custom harness with a modified stock/standalone ecu).. Depends if you want to run all stock sensors and have a oem working motor or not. If the engine bolts up without welding new mounts in the engine bay it's a much easier start. I'm used to VWs where you more or less can build a 1.8T 6-speed 85 Golf with newer oem parts lol.
  12. It's not an Auris though but here you go (And my VWs since we're at it lol) Beater Mk3 http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3689/10454497896_e19c78c89f_b.jpg Cali import Mk2 http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8507/8472287158_af6f50675a_b.jpg The old money pit Mk3 http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8203/8228445316_bddd04af00_b.jpg Coilovers and wheels are my number one priorities, I'd say it makes 80% of a car.. Having a car without is like dry humping to me lol.
  13. Thanks man. I'll have to look a little furter into it for sure.. 1.4D ex work van Versos are becoming pretty cheap, I reckon one with a 2.2D would make for some fun times.. :) I was hoping a 2.2 would perhaps bolt up with 1.4 mounts.
  14. I'd mod the hell out of a Hybrid or a Prius myself, would make for a different daily for sure. Slammed on coilovers and rollers, BBSs, Rotiforms or Works. Needless to say I have a VW background (aircooled, Golf Mk2 and Mk3) haha. I also got my Toyota to have a sensible daily. I failed pretty hard lol.
  15. I'm doing some research for a possible future project.. The 1.4D in the Auris is the same unit as the Yaris, correct or not? And for the Auris, the 2.2D has the same or different chassis/engine mounts as the 1.4D? Tried Google but saw nothing. Thanks in advance!
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