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  1. Hi All, I am currently having some problems with my headlights and I was wondering if anyone could shed some light :-) So 2 days ago, I went back to my car and both my headlights were not working, I changed the bulbs using Osram H4s and they seemed to work just fine. However for the past 2 days only the left headlight is working properly, the right headlight is on but very faintly. This is accompanied by the blue full beam symbol on the dashboard being lit up (although its not lit up as brightly as it would be if my full beam was on.... what does this mean?) After I drove around for 10minutes or so in the morning, it seemed to resolve itself for the first day but I had the same problem this morning and it didnt resolve itself.... Any thoughts?
  2. Hi, I have a 53 Yaris TSport with 80,000 miles on the clock. I have recently been getting the Engine Light coming on intermittantly I have read the Error Code and I am getting P0120 Powertrain: TP System Performance Can anyone advise on what this means? The likely cause and possible solutions? Many Thanks, Ed
  3. hmmm its just blown a fuse..... not sure if its the bulbs or just a coincidence!!!!
  4. Hi All, I bought PIAA H4 Bulbs recently, but I just noticed they output 130/90W Reading some random posts online, some people think this may melt the headlight unit... Can I get away with using these? Or back to the 65W bulbs? Thanks, Ed (53 Yaris T Sport)
  5. Do you know if Toyota can post these out?
  6. Ok abit more of a look around... what about these... http://www.rarerims.co.uk/product_details_...id=&pcd_id= OR http://www.rarerims.co.uk/product_details_...id=&pcd_id= Are decent prices? Hmmmz do you think they might suit a Balearic Blue Yaris TS???? not sure about the gunmetal/black..... anyone pr0 at photoshop and can knock me up a image???
  7. hmmz i've decided i want some rims with a dish now, cant find too many about.... recomendations?
  8. any particular ones or favourites you can suggest?
  9. Sup peeps. Looking for 16" alloys for my Blue Yaris TS considering fox evo3's atm...... anyone got any other suggestions?
  10. heys all. getting cold and that, thought I'd do some maintenance on my car before it snows! looking for new sparkplugs and brakepads, any recommendations???? Ta Ed
  11. oooo ouch, ul m8. but look forward to a new one ;) the passenger front seat has memory :o mine doesnt......
  12. how hard is it to fit one of these to a standard gear knob?
  13. emmm i used them for my profile pic, thats about it!!!! doesnt bother me when other ppl have it on, doesnt seem that bright :S
  14. looks orite, well done, doesnt look that bad with 19" tbh.
  15. im on 29mpg i dont drive it THAT hard, only occasionally, i think its more the fact I get stuck in loadsa london traffic
  16. i took out the air intake while doing mine. Takes like 2secs to remove and makes the whole job so much easier!
  17. So it's you then ;) shh dont expose me hehe :P
  18. Good on him tbh. If whoever is buying this information bothered to do some research he would soon fine TOC or similar websites. The seller has done the legwork and if someone doesnt want to then.............
  19. i wudnt recommend doing it yourself. i've seen it done and the results are dreadful tbh. U can crack the paint like dat, so you gonna have to get a respray as well, just not worth the risk. get them ROLLED and not HAMMERED!!!! Ed
  20. with the T3 you still gna need to get the ECU remapped, chipped, etc, right? aint that gna cost a bomb? so if u run a turbo + low boost you can get away with standard internals?
  21. nice, would imagine its pretty distracting at night doe, looks well bright!!! Ed
  22. i had that on mine and i just used nail polish remover as weird as that sounds. It wasnt mine btw :P Ed
  23. so if you get the arches rolled, you'll be fine with 17"'s even over bumps with 4 passengers?
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