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  1. Do you exlude misfiring of the engine as you accelerate from low rpm? Does this noise depend on the pressure on gas pedal? ← There's no misfire noise or engine noise whatsoever... ← My ts been in they said they cant find anything wrong but replaced the thrust bearings an it has made a diffrence, not as much noise now! toyota say there is a slight noise on the ts as standard, ;) so im happy for now anyway
  2. You have misunderstood me. I drive exactly like you, I just decribed a possible comparative test. The actual problem is that starting with 1st I always hear a misfiring noise for 1-2 sec. The same happens with 2nd gear if engine drops below ~1000rpm (~15 km/h), e.g. to check at crossings. However, I should add that the situation improved today morning and I speculate two causes: either the new engine oil filled yesterday or the temperature drop to 18 deg C. ← In uk we have a thing called driving test an you learn to drive! There is some nice automatics about!!
  3. No way can u use sealent!!! nooooo another cylinder will cost u between 10 an 20 ££ are u gonna fit it yourself? u sound as if u dont know alot
  4. Read on you silly boy :censor: we drive real cars not that thing you have a pic of"was that taken in a scrap yard?" ?? ← Hahaha, i like it! Have i hit a nerve mate! Dont worry i imagine you think my car is just like a capri with a Toyota badge! Little do you know! Just try and race me, in a straight line or sideways!(oh i forgot you cant go sideways as yours is FWD) :P Here is just a little taster for ya of that car i got from the scrap yard! :D And yes, that is a full rollcage/bucket seats/4 point harnesses/20valve VVTI throttle bodied engine you can see! And just think mate if thats the bits you can see imagine what else i have lurking under that kevlar bonnet! Oh and did i mention the kevlar bootlid! Polycarbonate windows, 2 way Kaaz diff, Willwood 4 pot alloy calipers blah blah blah blah need i go on ;) ← Ok i know your car is the dogs!! i was only trying to pis u off its very nice an iam the green eyed monster :) how fast is it ? top speed? 0-60?? Can u give me name of scrap yard you bought it from
  5. Read on you silly boy :censor: we drive real cars not that thing you have a pic of"was that taken in a scrap yard?" ??
  6. sounds good how much it all cost to fit? and how much petrol u getting through? :hokus-pokus:
  7. You know the mobile speed cameras that park up an open there boot an zap u! well i only ever seen them in the day time, i want to know if they can do u when its dark ?? i dont speed an allways obey the limit asking for a mate ;)
  8. when i open my boot on my 2004 cts an let it go fully up on its own the spoiler rubs on the arieal ? no paint has come off my spoiler but over time i sure it would? dose any ones else do it? has the paint come off or worn? the spoiler is the standard one fitted no mods!
  9. Thanks for that, did they try an tell u that it was all normal an nowt to worry about? even though the granmar can hear it!! :D ← They sure did. It all started soon after I picked the car up, it would be real noisy when costing down in low gears from say 35 downwards. The first time it went in, they replaced the bearings in the box, as they thought it was that. Then I was having problems getting it into gear, mainly when it was hot, this was because there was a small circlip missing off one of the shafts on production, meaning that when the box was getting hot, the gear and shaft were expanding and moving out of place, which is why it was hit and miss. Finally, the noise hadnt gone away, you could really hear it when you left it in neutral with the clutch up and revved it to about 3-4k rpm, you could hear the scraping and it went as soon as you dropped the clutch. I showed this to the service chappie and he agreed straight away...New Clutch. It's been and had all this done, so fingers crossed all will be OK now :D HTH ← Cheers st3ve, car is going in garage in a week, he gonna take box off an see whats up? so hopefully he will sort it out! thanks for your reply
  10. Go to toyota ask nicely! if no luck keep going back an make sure your voice is heard while salesman is talking to custmer! other than that?? pay up :o
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