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  1. _Chris_

    Child Seats

    There are lots of suppliers available through a Google search but we bought ours locally from 'BabyGear' in Camberley, Surrey but they are also available brand new on ebay for £99+p&p Chris
  2. Thanks Bob, They're 16" so I just had to get my tyres swapped over to these rims (the tyres that the wheels came with were worn out & too lower profile for the Rav4) Chris
  3. I'd been keeping an eye out for a cheap set of alloys to brighten up our Rav4 and discovered that the Nissan 200sx (S14 model) has the same PCD & offset. We found a set going for a bobby dazzler of a bargain price & here they are Cheers Chris
  4. _Chris_

    Child Seats

    Hi Richard, It seems all the car seats suffer from the same problem when fitted to cars where the 'C' post sits foward of the rear seat back. I spoke to 2 different car seat specialists and they reassured me that this isn't a problem as long as the seat base (of the child seat) doesnt move foward, after all, any tall person sitting in the front of a car with the seat base adjusted far back would have the same problem (as they would sit behind the 'B' post seatbelt mounting). I'm now happy that a small amount of foreward movement from the upper body (whilst not ideal) is acceptable, however I always make sure that the ratchet of the seat belt is enabled (by fully extending the belt after fitting) so to minimise any extra movement caused by my daughter moving or leaning foward when seated. Finally the reason I changed from the Recaro was because I was so impressed by he additional side protection offered by the 'Jané Indy Plus' along with my daughter sitting alot more securely when she falls asleep. Incidently I have now changed both of my Recaros for Jané's and managed to sell both the Recaros second hand for more than I paid for the Jané's :)
  5. I'm waiting on the pics of the mouldings on Andrea's car before taking the plunge, hopefully they'll be a decent alternative to the genuine Toyota parts which retail at £217 +vat. And the clear front indicator scan be found here :)
  6. Yes please, for the Mk 1 if possible :) Chris
  7. Top stuff ! Well done Andrea I look foward to seeing 'em :)
  8. It'd be great if you could get some pics of them up when they're on :)
  9. Thanks alot Bob & thanks for the welcome :) I've now got one on order
  10. That's a good point Stuart. I'll probably paint them keeping the textured surface when (& if) I get them as I intend to colour code the door mouldings too then they should all look the same.
  11. I've managed to find the clear type cheaper ($49.98) delivered from the US (here) than buying here on ebay If anyone else wants some then let me know as we can prob save some on the delivery :) The arch mouldings from Toyota are £217+vat so I think I'll keep an eye on the breakers yard I think !
  12. _Chris_

    Child Seats

    Hi Amh, I think your right in that the base still doesnt move so it must be doing it's job. I popped into our local car seat stockist yesterday for some advice and was soooo impressed by the new 'Jane indy plus' that I had to buy one ! You'll be pleased to hear that it's also the only isofix seat on the market at the moment. have a look here : http://www.jane.es/seguretat/index.php Not too pricey either, I bought one for £99 :) Chris
  13. Hi Stuart, Great stuff I'll have a look on ebay thanks :) Mine doesnt have the mouldings so I'm looking to fit them and then colour code the plastic trims to match. I'll give Toyota a call today & let you know how I get on.
  14. Hi again I wonder if anyone could I looking for a supplier of the arch mouldings for a 5 door mk1 Rav 4 please ? (& if not could anyone with a Mk1 that has the mouldings standard possibly help me out with a vin no. so I can contact Toyota for them :) ) I'm also looking for a supplier of clear front indicators for the same model (these are the front ones rather than the wing repeaters) Thanks in advance Chris
  15. _Chris_

    Child Seats

    Thanks for your reply Richard, It's the Recaro Start so it doen't have it's own belts it uses the seat belt. Anyone else use a group 3 child seat in the back of an early Rav4 ?
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