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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday SMW!

  2. http://www.jm-carstyling.com/?site=projekte&projekt=3
  3. Sounds like pinking to me - do you just get it when the engine is under certain load ? Just a guess but do you always use supermarket fuel ? If not you might need the spark retarding - I'm no expert but someone may come along shortly . . . .
  4. Well just had mine serviced at 30 000 miles (2 years). I recently had my brake pads done outside Toyota network - they needed doing so bear in mind these costs don't include that. I thought others approaching the 2 year or 30 000 might apprecaite a breakdown of cost - so I've done so below. Overall I'm pleased with the service - I only have 3 little moans which are that they left 1 of the air filter housing clips undone, the tyre pressures are incorrect and they couldn't fix my sticking rear boot release because they didn't have the part (to be fair I should have warned them of this in advance). Costs: Service labour: £29.18 Oil filter: £7.29 Screenwash: £1.66 Engine flush: £6.12 Fuel cleaner: £8.90 Oil: £17.82 Top up oil bottle: £6.23 Gasket plug: £0.78 drain and renew brake fluid labour £36.48 Brake fluid: £5.25 Environmental charge: £4.00 VAT: £21.65 Total: £145.36
  5. Hi welcome along Mines still good - a few rattles have developed but nothing major. Nice colour by the way
  6. I have shopped around with the few local dealers - the one I'm going with is the cheapest. Things are generally a bit more expensive round here - I don't think my local dealers will match prices 'up north' but thanks for the pointer anyway.
  7. Thanks for the reply - I have kept the Lexus service up including the brake fluid but I had 3 years included with the car so next year that might change! I already got a price from the dealer for Aygo brake fluid flush and renew - £45. The service is £150 so that would be almost £200 for my little 'cheap' runaround to have it's annual treat - not sure
  8. he he . . yes debadged mine pretty soon after getting it. It does leave a couple of holes so I covered them with some nice TRD emblems. The main thing is to get that huge Toyota 'T' off the rear glass - is it just me or is this badge just way out of proportion with the rest of the car ?
  9. Mine sometimes get a slight white misting inside them in damp conditions but it soon drys off when the lights are on. I think a bit of 'misting' is normal but if you actually have water droplets inside the lamps then I would say get it looked at.
  10. Well my Aygo is due a 30 000 mile service shortly and is booked in early December with Mr T. At the same time the car will become 2 years old and I've just noticed in the service manual that Toyota specify a brake fluid flush and renew at 2 years. Question is will my warranty be affected if I don't get this done and just get a service ? I'm only using Mr T to maintain the warranty - if I need the brake fluid change as well I might just give up on the 3 rd year of warranty cover and offset the cost against a service at an independant. Any thoughts . . . . .
  11. Hmmmm it's gone (as mentioned). Hopefully someone will have a new link - in the meantime I've unpinned this as it isn't worth having it highlighted if it doesn't work ! Steve
  12. lol I just realised that your journey won't take you as far as junction 23 so ignore my comment about stopping at the services !
  13. As mentioned have your coin ready as it will allow you to use the auto tolls if they look quicker. Driving at night will obviously mean less traffic flow although you can expect it to still be busy (even at 3 am) although you are unlikley to actually end up in a jam at this time. The services are at Junction 23 so if you fancy a £3 coffee and a break from the mad road plan that in ! Good luck. PS it's not £3 but its not cheap !
  14. Not my taste and I wouldn't buy a used one with the decals on but hey if you like them go for it ! Personally I would use the money to change the rear wiper blade, aerial, headlight and indi bulbs, install boot lights, K&N filter, dash slip mat and a decent iPod aux input lead. If you do go for it let us see !
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