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  1. I find that when I switch from radio to USB I have to increase the volume considerably to hear the USB clearly, the sat nav volume increases proportionally so I can still hear it. If I then go back to radio, I have to turn the volume down as it is too loud but then find the sat nav volume also lowers too much and I can hardly hear it. In this case, when driving, I have to try to catch when a sat nav instruction is being given and increase the volume as I find it too distracting to go into the settings to turn the nav volume up. i have had this problem on all toyota touch 2 with go systems and it’s very annoying at times.
  2. thud

    occasional beeping

    If you have navigation installed it could be the speed camera warning. Always first thing I turn off when driving a different car.
  3. I was contacted by my dealer today to tell me there is a new model Prius arriving in March and to ask if I want to have a test drive as I have had my mk4 for 3 years now. Anybody heard anything about a new model? I haven’t but I agreed to have a test drive when they get one in. ill report back when it happens.
  4. I believe you can do over the air map updates but as you have to use your phone data to do it and a loss of signal could cause a problem. I assume it would take much longer as well. I’ve never tried it, I’ve used usb stick several times over the past few years with no problems so I personally would always do it this way. i would be worried that over the air might not be reliable. if you’ve already got it on a usb just start the engine, wait until your touch 2 has fully started up, put in the usb, wait until the update begins, put in your code , wait until the update completes and bobs yer uncle.
  5. They recommend having the engine running. If the ignition is turned off during the update process then you apparently will corrupt the head unit of you touch 2. I believe that if you just have it on aux it shuts down after 30 mins to save the battery so as the update can take 40 mins the recommendation is to keep the engine running. I usually do a bit of gardening or wash the car while it’s updating. There is a document that details the process next to the download button in your store purchases.
  6. I did my Prius this morning with the high version, I only do the uk maps and it took about 20 mins. I was wondering if it was going to work as it seemed to take a couple of minutes after starting car and plugging usb in before the update started.
  7. In case anybody is waiting for them the latest autumn 2018 maps for touch 2 with go are now available for download on the My Toyota e-store.
  8. When I bought a second-hand Prius from a Toyota dealer I asked them to make sure the maps were up-to-date as part of the deal. If you have just bought this car it might be worth asking the dealer to update the maps for you to keep you happy.
  9. @bhml I have now updated the wifes yaris and everything went smoothly. It was a bit slow starting the update after I had put in all the information but it started after about 30 seconds and went smoothly after that. If you are still having trouble it mightn’t be worth contacting toyota or visiting your local dealer for advice. I don’t know how to identify which head unit you have but I am sure some of the moreover knowledgeable guys on here can help so you know exactly which version you need. Just a thought, are the details on ‘my toyota’ Correct for your car?
  10. Once I had gone through the purchase procedure and checked out my basket I then had to go to my purchases and there is the download link. If you can’t see it I could try to post a screenshot of the estore page if I can work out how to do it. I have found how to so edited to include screen shot. Hope it helps. in reply to PeteB, everything in the Prius seems to work fine, I don’t use USB music much, preferring to listen to the radio or podcasts on my iPad. No problems I can see but have not used it much yet. I haven’t done the Yaris yet, the wife’s been out all morning but I may try once she’s back.
  11. I downloaded to USB. I always do. I’ve never tried it OTA, it’s too big for that in my opinion. I have downloaded both versions, H for the Prius and WL for the Yaris.
  12. I was on 6.10.0H previously. My wife’s Yaris 2016 will be updated to 6.11.0WL from 6.10.0WL as it has a different head unit in the Yaris. I haven’t tried to do it yet but will sometime over the weekend. I will post again if there’s a problem. I don’t know if there is a difference in the units between excel and business edition Prius so can’t offer any more help I’m afraid.
  13. I did my Prius excel this morning with no problems. I used 6.11.0H which the my Toyota site offered me when I logged on.
  14. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions. i have now worked out how to get into the maintenance menu on the gen 4. It’s actually quite simple. Igntion in either accessory or ready mode. hold media button, switch light from auto to side lights 4 times and maintenance menu pops up. go to Function Check/Setting, then Vehicle Signal and battery voltage displayed. hope this is useful to others.
  15. Is there any way to monitor the 12v battery state of charge on the gen 4 Prius? I have been having some problems with starting and getting the “12v battery low” warning. I have had the dealer check the car and they say there is nothing wrong but I would like to see for myself how well the 12v battery is holding it’s charge. so is there any way of monitoring this on the cars display? I can’t seem to find anything in the manual. I don’t have any way of plugging into the diagnostic port and don’t want to buy anything to enable this. thanks.