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  1. westojh

    More Power!

    Bingo! anyone got a decent one going? My rev1 has taken alot of my money, and I don't want to sell it, but I would like a bit more poke! I'm sure you understand!
  2. westojh

    More Power!

    Oh, not a simple retro fit job then?! Dam!
  3. westojh

    More Power!

    I have a Rev one mark 2 MR2 with the 3S-GE engine. Does anyone know what changed at rev 3 to up this bhp from 158 to 174? If it is simply the ECU, then can this be retro fitted to mine? Cheers guys, much appreciated!
  4. I'm don't know to be honest! Can anyone else help me out?!
  5. Hello all! I am thinking of purchasing a K&N 57i induction kit for my Rev 1 Mk2 MR2, but I keep seeing 'without AFM only' everywhere!!! How can I tell if I have an air flow meter on my car? Or can someone tell me? Cheers James
  6. westojh

    3rd Gear Crunch!

    I've gone all out! I'm having the cables done on sat, so I'll see what happens! Fingers crossed! Thanx for your advice! It will be my next step if this fails!! Cheers James
  7. westojh

    3rd Gear Crunch!

    Cheers Guys! I'll have to assess my monetry situ! Think It'll be a sincro change as you suggest! Oh why can't these things be cheap?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. westojh

    3rd Gear Crunch!

    An overhaual is an option, but as you said, its more cash! I've tried 5-4-3 and its just the same! Double-d-clutch doesn't help either! Nor bliping the throttle before changing! When I say that, it does kinda seem like its no the sincro's cause all that changes the geear spinning speed, so it should in theory have effect the change? Does that make sence?? I think I'm loosing my marbles??!!
  9. westojh

    3rd Gear Crunch!

    Yeah from a scrappy! But the chap was quite good, offered to give me my money back etc, but he said he was amazed that it crunch cause he drove with it before I had it etc.... The MR 2 specialist where I had it fitted, was also amazed it was crunching! Have you had any experience with the cables stretching? I'm not sure if I'm being sent up the garden path and all that!!!
  10. Hello again! I have another problem with my car! I have a Rev 1 mark 2 and 1st to 2nd was crunching, so I was advised to change it for a Rev 2 / 3 box as these have twin sincro's. I have done this and I have now adopted a 3rd gear crunch!!! This only happens going down the box from 5th or 4th. If I ease the gear in its fine, but if I let it take its self in it crunches. It is also worse when the box is cold. I have been advised by two garages to replace the cables, as these are prone to stretching, this is because the garages have never known a rev 2 / 3 box to crunch. I just wanted to throw this one 'out there' and see what your advice / experience is.... Please ! Cheers James p.s. I have contacted the place I got the box from and they assued me the box was fine, as they drive it before I had it???!!!
  11. westojh

    Stone Chips

    Chips away? Whats that?
  12. westojh

    Stone Chips

    Hello! I have 1001 stone chips on my beloved MR2, mostly on the front bumper and bonnet. Some on the wing and the roof. Has anyone found the best and cheapest way to repair them? I have tried to T-cut them out, which helped until I polished it and all the white polish seemed to collect unremoveably in the chips!!!!!!!!! I know I can get it resprayed, but its costly and then theres the colour match issue, whats your thoughts? Cheers James
  13. Thats great cheers! I like your little moving pic by the way! lol!! James
  14. westojh

    Gearbox Oil...

    I have just changed the oil in my 3S-GE box and I was recommended to use 75w90 semi-synthetic. Costs about £18 for 5 litres and it will only 2.6 litres to fill! Hope this helps James
  15. Thats good news! Will the ECU adjust accordingly even on my 1990 Rev 1 Mark 2? James