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  1. Just a quick update and thanks for the replies. Got the car back tonight. All seems well now. Apparently there was air in the system which lodged at one of the rear callipers and caused it to stick open. Also caused the rest of the system to be very soft. Lots of "we're very sorry" from the dealership, a tank of diesel and the promise of money off the 1st service. The service manager is contacting Toyota for more info and I'll be interested to hear their explanation. Will update further if there's anything worth posting.
  2. Hello there all. 1st post from me. Picked up a new Xt-R today. Actually my wife picked it up and drove it home. Mentioned that the brakes were a bit odd. Thought I would have a go and see - Jesus! The brakes barely stop the vehicle. The pedal goes straight to the floor and not a lot happenes. A bit of pumping on the pedal and there's a bit more feel but it's just not safe to drive. Anyone else had any problems of this sort? Is it normal to have this much travel on the brake pedal? Took advantage of the free RAC cover and got someone to come out and take a look. The guy reckons the master cylinder is defective. Nice. Must have had a thorough PDI check from the dealer!! :censor: Typical for this to happen on a Saturday when the dealership is closed half day. Guess we are stuck with this thing till Monday 9am. Any comments or suggestions greatly appreciated. Steve.
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