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  1. All parts that don't say Sold are still listed. PM if your still interested. Thanks Will
  2. The number is 01268 570920 His name is Craig. :-)
  3. If u look at my list, the items that dont say SOLD i still hav
  4. Still hav a few parts. Prices hav been altered
  5. Where abouts in Essex do u live? The garage I take my car to givs good rates. I believe wen my bro got his springs installed he paid under £100. The grage is called CBMS and they r based in Wickford.
  6. I pretty left most of the major parts on, compressor still in with sp conversion, coilovers, quaife diff, helix clutch, fidanza flywheel and whiteline front anti roll bar. The rest I managed to take out. Off to hong kong now, will see of it's gone wen I'm bak. Adios
  7. Hey guys, was browsing on Auto trader and came across my car. http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201112382627556/sort/priceasc/usedcars/price-from/3000/maximum-age/up_to_7_years_old/transmission/manual/fuel-type/petrol/price-to/8000/model/corolla/make/toyota/postcode/ss129qn/radius/200/keywords/t%20sport/page/3/image-id/1611728119?logcode=p I really hope who ever buy its looks after it.
  8. Thanks Guys, To b honest i felt quite sad wen i handed the key to the dealer, i even said my goodbyes to it. TBH i dont really see A3 S lines around my area, so its nice if i see 1 around. Hope to see u guys around. Hopefully who ever buys my car will come on here and u guys can show the person links of my car :-) so the person will know how much has been put into it.
  9. Hey guys, Ive been looking for a replacement car for a while tbh, fuel prices going up means big spending on fuel :-( I purchased an Audi A3 Sline 170, need something with better mpg. I already miss the speed of the Rolla, but im DEF not missing the loud exhaust and Coilovers. Who evers gna buy it will hav a sweet ride and wont know wots underneath it.
  10. Hey guys, after 6 years of owning a corolla, the time has come to move on. I just picked up my new car. Its very sad to leave but im hoping in the near future ill b a Toyota owner again. I will really miss my rolla, will neva forget the times owning it. Keep up the good work on ur rollas. Hope u see u guys in the future. Will P.S: i still hav parts for sale if interested. If not will b left in the garage and probs bind in the near future.
  11. Cars looking really nice. Great choice of wheels :-P I miss them already :-( My car just looks boring now lol
  12. Big price cut ppl. Can not budge any lower.
  13. Hey Sanj, Heres a link of the Oil catch tank im selling http://www.viperperformance.co.uk/productsearch.php?xscId=2969&mat=118 Its the samll size one: 63mm x 155mm Im affraid some1 is on the verge or buying the brake im affraid, hes gna b putting down a deposit tomorrow. Thanks Will
  14. Prices altered again. Seriously need the money to fund for car.
  15. Prices have if altered if any1 is interested Thanks Will
  16. PPE Header is back up for sale, gearbox problems with buyers car has meant he cant buy the header
  17. Im getting an Audi A3 S line 170, need something more practical and has better economy. I really dnt want to sell my car, but its costing a lot to run now :-(
  18. Parts Open for sensible offers, PM me if interested Need the funds for my new car Thanks will
  19. BUMP. All prices under sensible offers. PM me Will
  20. Im sorry, i dont uderstand what u r trying to say. Pics?
  21. Go to Sale section to see the parts ive put up for sale. Ive paid to advertise bfor n e says im not aloud to advertise
  22. Hey guys, as some of u wud know, im selling my car soon :-( So ive got a few bits up for sale. I hav paid to b able to advertise parts for sale, bfor n e one tells me. Here r the list of parts up for sale Blitz SUS Induction kit: £80 Delivered Defi 52mm Boost, Oil pressure and Oil Temp Gauge: All for £200 Delivered Perrin Gauge Pod: £20 Delivered PPE Header: £250 Delivered SOLD Viper Performance Oil Catch Tank: £20 Deliverd SOLD TTE Short Shifter- Fits on T sport and Non T sport: £80 Delivered SOLD Hi Spec 6 pot 335mm Brake kit, with Hi Spec Braided front hoses and all necessary parts the fit onto the car: £550 Delivered SOLD TRD gear knob: £10- SOLD TRD Oil Cap: £25 delivered SOLD Headunit Din Facia, £15 delivered SOLD Alpine CDR-9855R headunit with Ipod connector: £50 - SOLD Pair of Genesis 6.5" Speakers with a pair of Tweeters and X-over : £60 Delivered Pair of Genesius 5.4" Speakers: £40 Deliverd Thermo Tec Exhaust Insulation Wrap 2" wide: £25 Delivered Aluminised Cloth - Heat Reflective: £20 Delivered TRD Radiator Cap: £20 Delivered
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