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  1. Agree 100%. Just buy a new battery. Most I have had a battery last in a conventional car is 11 years: the maximum warranty on most batteries is 5 years, yours has exceeded that.
  2. I suspect his fuel filter was blocked. He talked of draining it down.. and then did not post again. Try draining it of water first.. and replace the filter as well
  3. Wishbone bushes on almost all cars are rubber - so always dry. The top strut bushes can dry out through lack of use.. but more likely to hear that on turning at low speeds. A crunching noise over speed humps sounds like worn roll bar drop links. Or a broken spring.
  4. As it is heat related, the most likely is a drop in oil pressure. I would follow Flash 's advice above. Genuine Toyota filter, branded 0w-20 oil to Toyota specification. (removes one variable)
  5. As Bathtub Tom above. First place to start on ALL electrical issues.
  6. Sorry if you have already done this, but first thing I would do is undo , clean and redo all earth leads to battery and body.And the live leads as well.
  7. I never read anything illegible. My eyesight is poor (varifocals), I am elderly and grumpy, and it hurts.
  8. Strangely enough I have never had any problems buying cars from main dealers. But then I would not buy a car requiring a shedload of rectification as that says it has not been looked after. I don't buy cars that are unloved.
  9. Apart from leaks, oil consumption is due to excess clearances and wear and tear. Unless you spend £££s on engine repairs, the most economic way to reduce oil consumption is to use a 10w-40 semi synthetic oil. But your car may already be using that so may not make any difference. There are oil additives you can buy which reduce oil usage by swelling oil seals (on the valve stems) and reducing oil lost that way but the effect is temporary and may be ineffective in a 19 year old car where all seals are old and worn. (I have tried taking out spark plugs and inserting a little Re
  10. I can still update my 10 year old Garmin Nuvi 1240 purchased 2011
  11. Yaris came on 14" wheels as standard, no spolier.
  12. If you keep topping up with oil, it's getting a partial oil change in the year so 10k miles is adequate. Do ensure you use a good oil filter- startups can kill an engine with low oil pressure. I alwyas use a genuine Toyota one.
  13. Plugs first check Then clean MAF sensor. (great care needed)
  14. Usually just behind the washer bottle on the driver side.
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