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  1. Toyota store ebay sell it https://tinyurl.com/y4sazel5
  2. I did this on my son's . Videos on You tube. Followed them.. easy. Took 20 minutes.
  3. You can remove old glowplugs and not break anything - with care and time. Clean the plug to cylinder head joint of all debris . Thoroughly. Treat the joint with rust removal spray/fluid. (NOT WD40). Repeat daily for a week. The plugs can then be removed by CRAEFULLY unscrewing half a turn, reversing the half turn and reapplying another extra half turn. If it becomes more difficult apply more rust removal. Under NO circumstances apply brute force. Garages in a hurry to do a job will not do this. I removed our in a then 15 year old Yaris d4d two years ag
  4. Son drivers a 2012 Yaris with 77k miles. Bought at 2 years old. No issues in 6 years of ownership and runs as if new.
  5. Springs will settle and lower with age and use.
  6. Classic release bearing. FUBAR. Next stage is a bang! and no drive.
  7. Based on experience, if the chain is worn, then the camshaft lobes will be worn... You will need a new chain, tensioners . The engine will be clapped out Worth £100 scrap.
  8. Yes: standard method ( I did that when I installed reversing sensors on our Yaris)
  9. ECU failure is very rare. Try charging the battery first. The battery voltage - with engine and ignition OFF_ should be 12.4V or more. And less and the battery is dead
  10. did it on a 2003. Easy job. New rubber seal and correct sealant. And very sharp knife. Cannot be very different.. Look on You Tube.
  11. Defintely NO dpf The dealer has to repair the car as obviously fault was present when sold. EML light causes? One or more heater plugs failed. Catalyst blocked Pre or post cat sensors faulty. EGR valve jammed full of carbon.. Ask for your money back. It's a crock of.....
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