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  1. Thanks for that... When/if our yaris starts to leak at the rear, I will remember your tip to save money..(I'm mean)
  2. Seals fit between light and body.. so tail lights out, remove old seal ,insert new.. replace light.. (Haynes Manula helps )
  3. In Autumn when it is cold , short journeys mean high fuel usage.. I you are doing journeys of less than 7-10 miles, or around town then your mpg is normal.. If motorway driving , you should average over 40,, Check tyre pressures, tracking (tyres worn more on one side ).. and the brakes are not binding (jack up and spin wheel by hand..) But as it is an auto, you will never do very well around town...
  4. Our 2003 Yaris started losing all its paint in the areas described. Three spray coats of Dinitrol 4 years ago - and touched up last year - have stopped any rust..(the galvanised coating wears off... I )regularly wash around the fuel filler pipe with a hose.. It was an obvious potential rust point so I cleaned it all dwown , repainted and Dinitrolled it about 10 years ago - and checked it last year..ok I am OCD on rust 🙂
  5. Spn's 1.0 yaris - a bit clapped out - kept on to 130,000 miles..
  6. Do you notice any loss in power? Service history? Have the plugs been changed recently? And the air filter? Are the brakes binding (those are my GoTo questions for this type of question) Mileage?
  7. I agree: drive it till it dies. The cost of repairs means it's hardly economic to pay someone to fix it... It may last 6 months or 3 years...
  8. Fuel injectors click when on idle.. not very noisily though.. Check belt tensioner pully is not worn- pulley amy wobble or belt looks worn...or signs of dust round pulley.. Exhaust manifol leaks (small) may sound as clicking - valve noise. Won timing chain... or tensioner - noise will come from near oil filler cap...
  9. Check the glow plug relay works first.
  10. Exactly. I has an Austin A30 when a student. In 1967 got from Stonehaven to Turriff as last car through - narrow tyres. The Rover 2000 behind me got stuck in the snow and blocked the road.. Any car with wide low profile tyres is stuffed in snow..traction control or not..
  11. I found ebay German exhausts are very good and 1/3rd Toyota's price.. Our yaris is 16.. New heater resistor ? Nope s hand £7..
  12. ebay has used ones.. yaris verso headlamp&rt=nc&LH_ItemCondition=4&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 I would snap one up at that price.
  13. I would try: ebay Facebook Marketplace.. The key things are LOW TAX: this is s sure fire winner at the cheap end of the market LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION: ditto No or little rust One owner for years Service history Low miles And cheap to run mainatenance wise and reliable. I would ask £2950 see Autotrader.. New&onesearchad=New&make=TOYOTA&model=YARIS&aggregatedTrim=D-4D&year-from=2008&year-to=2008 Yes there are ones at over £3k but your are a private seller with no dealer warranty.. And I wouid haggle down to £2750..ish.. You might get more but winter approaches, Brexit uncertainty is killing the used car market (Pendragon UK's largest s/h car vendor is in deep doo-doo)
  14. If I were you I would buy used ones (?ebay?Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree). But then I am a very mean Scot....