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  1. Madasafish

    obd2 B & C codes

    Yes...And Japanese codes tend to differ from others..
  2. Madasafish

    2001 T Sport Throttle Body error

    It may need a clean. Carb Cleaner should work. Best way is to remove and clean.. probably all gummed up. Be careful of any sensors - you should treat them with great care...
  3. Madasafish

    Light failure indicator

    I think it is the quality of the socket holding the bulb and the wiring. If the earth contact corrodes or the bulb contacts get damp, bulbs will fail. Constant vibration does not help. I noticed when upgrading headlamp bulbs when I bought my Yaris (and my Jazz more recently) that both had electric grease liberally covering the terminals . I don't know if other makers do that..Makes contacts far less susceptible to corrosion.
  4. Madasafish

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    As a matter of principle I would check the camshaft sensor.. And the crankshaft one as well... and the wiring to them.
  5. Madasafish

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    I would suggest trying the battery connections first: both on the battery and the earth to body. A corroded or loose connection will break when load applied.. Why first? Cos it is free if you diy.. (I am a mean Scot)
  6. Madasafish

    Light failure indicator

    Our Yaris D4D has been owned by us for 13 years. No bulbs have failed in that time..
  7. Madasafish

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    Wider tyres are not good for loose snow-- higher rolling resistance
  8. Madasafish

    Knocking sound from rear when cornering

    Broken rear spring (rust).. most likely . Ours had last year. Or failed rear rubber bushes Or failed shock absorber..
  9. Madasafish

    2005 D4D Trip computer

    Petrol Yarises gave mpg on the trip. Diesel Yarises did not. Ours does not (2003) I assume the RAV you have is similar to the Yaris.(in technology terms) I understand later diesels may (probably do) have mpg displays.
  10. On our 2003 D4D, I use Toyota's own antifreeze and any fully synthetic 5w-30 oil with the correct spec. (Halfords when on offer at £15 for 4 liters often)
  11. Madasafish

    2005 D4D rough idle

    Ours is similar. A treatment with Redex fuel treatment (for diesels) helps a little.
  12. Madasafish

    Bad re-starting when engine cold.

    When the engine is stone cold from an overnight stop, all sensors will tell the ECU a very rich mixture is need to start the engine. And that continues until the sensors detect the engine is warming up. If you start, drive say 10 meters and stop, the rich mixture meets cold metal .. and condensation occurs on the plugs, piston and cylinder head. Now in that mix will be some fumes from unexpelled exhaust gases .. which are mainly .. water. So you get a mix of petrol and water swilling around. Try to restart and engine rotates again and some of it lands on the plugs. Water and electricity do not mix.. Used to a major problem with early fuel injection. Start car, drive out of garage. Stop engine . Wash car. Car does not restart... Rover 820 i was bad: I used to drive out and leave running for 10 mis whilst I washed it.. Whereas my 1967 Lotus Elan with twinchoke Weber carbs never gave a problem..(well not with cold starting ) Not usually an issue with diesels.No plugs.
  13. Madasafish

    Yaris Automatics

    Err Japanese built models 1999 to 2004 had a conventional torque convertor gearbox...
  14. Madasafish

    Second key issue starting car on yaris

    I have the same issue when driving son's yaris occasionally. Driver error..
  15. Madasafish

    2002 Yaris 1.3 VVTI GLS Auto Stalled

    I would suggest the throttle body is dirty. Try cleaning it first. How many miles?