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  1. Hi Madafish, I found your post via a quick google search as I have a 2001 rear passenger door that needs replacing after it lost an argument with a concrete pilllar, and the only door I can find is a 2004 model. My colour is the 199 silver colour. You were answering this question:


    Does the color code is 1e7 has any shades? I am having some problems finding a right color door for my 2005 yaris (2003-2005 model), the only door I found is the same colour code is from 2001 yaris. Any ideas if it will be same colour? Thanks.


    Here's your reply: I am using IE7 touch up on a 2001 Yaris and a 2003 Yaris(post facelift).. and it looks the same as both colours.. and when the cars are placed together.. they look different..

    see attached..


    So is the 1e7 colour pretty much the same 199 when you used it? 


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