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  1. I have got a good link for share :) http://www.matrixrides.com/Repair/
  2. I think it's more obvious when it's cold and less and less when it's warm, although the sound is still there
  3. That's what I thought, as I usually drive in a start and stop style around the town. I try to rev it more to run the engine. Thx guys!! Clear my worries now! Kev :D
  4. Hi all, Every time I drive my corolla, I couldn't help reving it to about 4500 rpm every now and again just to feel the power and the acceleration that it gives. I don't know if it is good or not for the car... I only do it when the engine is warm up. Does the sudden increase in rpm do any harm to the car or is it designed to cope with this kind of driving? At the end of the day, it's maximum torque is at 4500rpm right?? Kev
  5. Well, I have asked the same question before. I think it depends on how good your dealer is from your previous experience. I think if you are fixing a certain part. I think find a specialised garage would be a wiser choice and cheaper as well. Also, you have to judge whether you will use up all that £400 in the year. fitting brake pads by the dealer could be more than £100 but other garages might do it for half the price... I think all depends on whether you know good garages round your area. Having said all these, I am still thinking of whether the buy the waranty for mine, haha ;) Cheers, Kevin
  6. Sorry mate, what's that? Is it serious? Kev
  7. Hi all, I don't know if i am paronoid, but I think recently, my engine starts making "tink tink tink ... " kind of noise... It's more obvious when the engine is cold. Also, by opening the bonnet, I think the sound comes from left hand side of the engine... Anyone has any ideas? What are the possible problems? I am having a holiday in scotland soon in May, if it is serious, i will get it fixed before then, if not, i will leave it until i come back. Cheers, Kevin
  8. If i fill it up to the top, it lasts about 320 miles (70 town 30 motorway, roughly 28-29mpg) I think it is quite capable of doing 400 if drive "sensibly" on motorway. However, realistically, I think if 50 town and 50 motorway, it would be roughly 320-350 miles from full to empty. Kev
  9. nooooo..... I have missed it.... damn it.... Cheers anyways :) Kev I'd buy H&R instead of TTE ... H&R are very good springs and are RED color .. and also they're a little bit cheaper. tte products are unnecessary expensive by my mind (if you're not lucky..) where can i get the H&R? are they stiff? the thing is, TTE spring seems to be just right in stiffness and as recommended by toyota plus not needing a new shock for them... and every now and then, you get to buy four springs for £30... like the above link :( Kev :)
  10. nooooo..... I have missed it.... damn it.... Cheers anyways :) Kev
  11. Hi there, I have heard from forums that, if the alloy wheel is damaged within the 3 years manufacturer warranty, you can have a new replacement. is that true? Cheers, Kevin
  12. I think the other thing is the safety concern. If (touch wood) there is a serious accident and the car's front is crashed in. The bar will be throwing back to the driver....
  13. Does that mean it's a good idea not to buy the strongest strut but one which has enough stiffness to hold the frame but will snap when too much force applied to it (i.e. during accident)??
  14. Haha... oh, so you recognise my car!!!! :D I am just selling it for a laugh, I would sell it if it's a good price though It's always a dream to have a sports car like MR2 (becoz i know i can never buy a porchue) My girlfriend is getting a company car which makes it not necessary for me to have a family car... having said all these, i don't think it's gonna make £8000. So just for a laugh :) (and see how much people think my car worths) Kev
  15. I have the TTE Strutbrace and it looks great and you can feel the difference about the handeling quite well I would go for the TTE because its NOT adjustable so STIFFER Make sure you buy the righthandside TTE Strutbrace because the lefthanddrive wo,nt FIT Hey Jo, If I have to choose between a strut bar and lower spring, which is a better option? strut bar is about half of the price because i don't need to get it fitted by someone... Also, wouldn't the sturt bar make the car a lot heavier? The strut that you got looks very solid... Kev
  16. That's quite expensive... is it special metal? would it make the car too heavy? Does anyone knows one which is cheaper, but as good? Regards, Kevin
  17. Is this one ok? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...mMakeTrack=true
  18. I could find a decent priced TTE spring, and now, I am wondering, is strut bar another way to go? Does it make a big difference? If strut bar improves handling and doesn't affect comfort as much as the spring, I think it's a good investment. If they are good, does anyone know what brand and makes are good? I have seen some of ebay, are they good? Kevin
  19. HAHAHAH Cheers for your help Kev
  20. Well, after I drained and refill the oil. The first time it started, it judder a bit and sounds like the oil hasn't been circulated enough yet. Apart from that, no problem of juddering since then Kev
  21. I notice the rev goes up a lot faster after changing oil and oil filter Kev
  22. Hi Richard, just checked today, the gap between the damaged door panel and the front wing panel is greater than the one on the other side... I think it's about 2-3mm more, is that ok? I looked at the bolts on the hinges, they are still intact. Kevin
  23. Hahaha.... your ps is not an option i am afraid... I am still trying to heal my feeling, but as i LOVE my car so much :) it's still very fresh in my mind. Thx richard!! I will have a check tomorrow morning Cheers Kev
  24. Cheers mate :( I feel so unhappy tonight becoz of that... What do you mean by front left panel? how would it been pulled away?? Kev Cheers mate :( I feel so unhappy tonight becoz of that... What do you mean by front left panel? how would it been pulled away?? Kev
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