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  1. Well I've disonnected the battery for 30 mins and reconnected. The lights have stopped being lite up and the lift is back :D . I don't think its the lift bolt as all seems to be ok, so it must be some sort of safe mode thingy, but none the less a trip to Mr T is in order!
  2. Hi all I've got a strange problem. After hitting the lift in 1st the other night the car stuttered and the lift was gone. I've got the VSC and TSC warning lights permanently light and can never hit the lift in any gear. I have had this a while ago, but it managed to correct itself over time. Toyota had a look and couldn't find any problems - just a bit worrying! Anyone got any ideas as to what’s happened?
  3. We've got tickets for next Saturday at Earls Court, and for the show @ 3pm. We managed to get front row seats which is a bonus! We also got backstage / pit passes. Really looking forward to it after seeing last years show. I wonder what they are going to blow up this year? I'm sure we wont be dissapointed.
  4. I'm also looking for these as I'm unsure about the std lexus style ones. I think smoked lights would look better on a Thunder Grey T-Sport. If anyone has a link for these it would be appreciated.
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    300ZX Trackcar 550BHP!!
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    Nice one mate, how much did it cost?
  9. Just a quick update. Got my CTS back from these guys today, and as expected they done a great job with the key scuffs and scrapes on the door and wheel that had a few scrapes all from the previous owner. At the time of buying I got Toyota to fix the door as part of the purchse deal/price, but the idiots done a really crap job. The paint started to flake after 3 weeks and this is Mr T's paint specialists! Well it all looks like new again and all for a reasonable price too. Btw. this also has a 2 year warrenty - so any probs and its all covered for the next couple of years!! I have no worries
  10. Is this the one your after: http://www.impact-styling.com/home.php?cat=2989
  11. !Removed! IE security settings, any wall all sorted now !! Looks very nice, I want one of those big shiney bottles.....
  12. Might just be me, but I can't see any picci there! Anyone else having probs viewing this?
  13. I've got a 52 plate Corolla TSport & 2001 Mercedes SLK, both good fun to drive (not at the same time of course!)
  14. I bought my TSport a couple of weeks ago and haggled for some mats. The dealear says they cost about £80 for the proper TSport one's, but i managed to get him to include brand new mats. :D As for the service book, I'm sure you can get/buy one from the service desks at Toyota.
  15. If you want to tighten up the security further (after adding WEP, changing & hiding SSID's) you can also set up MAC Address filtering. This will only allow machines with known MAC Addresses to access your wireless router. This should be more than enough protection for most home users.
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