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  1. Having a totalled car may be the saviour. The key is not having it be damaged too much under too little pressure.
  2. Maxed nova's I see everyday.. skylines however, I see very little of.
  3. That's cool, I love me my skoda's.
  4. 1978 Toyota Celica GT. It won't be going anywhere, great car, all stock except for the fluids, filters, battery, and head gasket. Every rubber hose is even original.... I don't know if they all should be though. Runs awesome though. Stock clutch still spins the tires shifting hard into second.
  5. raska

    Hard To Start

    I think it is meant to say supra, not subaru.
  6. You guys are lucky. Here in western canada the mkiv supra's don't even show up on the market for less than double that price. And those are for the auto's, manuals go for more, but are impossible to find, you don't even need to list those things to sell them.
  7. Almost as bad as coming back and not seeing your car there.
  8. Ohhh I live in Surrey, BC, Canada. The driving is pretty awesome, we really do have a lot of nice roads. We drive on the right side of the road. I didn't mean that in the literal sense, but it works too. B) And now I'm think my next car will be a 1991 nissan 240sx coupe... silvia to you guys... wrong forum I know...
  9. Yeah I bet it does.. Hey I just noticed you're from Surrey.. me too...... :D
  10. If you're in the more westerly states I'd take it in a second.
  11. Is nobody from anywhere but the UK? I want Scots 73 Celica. I'm in Vancouver Canada. So is everything being sold going to be from overseas?
  12. Google.... I was looking for modified mk3 supras.
  13. raska

    1978 Gt

    I'm looking for a cheap MKIII Supra Turbo right now...
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