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  1. Ah ok, cheers mate i will give that a try tomoz if they are open! Thanks again; Harvey
  2. Just talking to a mate of mine is making me think. He asked 'you sure it wasnt just misfring badly' Which made me think. It would rattle on start up, which presumably the well complained about heatshield! So wondering if was misfiring badly the nasty sound could be the exhaust/heatshield rattling around. When it died, it had like hit the rev limit, but a reduced one, around 7k rpm (it was fully warmed up so not the temp imposed one) and then died. so, nrgizerbunny, you asked about MAF. Are they quite prone to going? Presumabl it will show up on the diagnostics when run. Fingers crossed i am hoping its something like this!!
  3. I only got the car tues so havent a clue what oil has been used or if run low. From the dealer the oil was full to the brim right on the max mark. Not sure about engine light, it did come on so will see what the diagnostics pulls! It deffo sounds like a mechanical issue/break so wouldnt have thought be MAF?
  4. Bought a 53 plate T sport on tuesday. All has seemed fine with it until today it has decided to die! It cut out on me, and then died, started again butsounded rough, so parked up. Wont idle, try to tart again sounds nasty, almost like a rattling exhaust. I know quite a bit about engines, and fearing could be the bottom end! I know they are prone to the oil pump going, just hoping its not this. Hoping maybe something like a broke chain tensioner. I have trawled the net trying to find info on the 2zzge, but other then the oil pump, there seems to be no records of 2zzge weaknesses or comon issues, so wondering if any one of here has seen/heard similar. Its currently at a diagnostics garage, they are gonna check it over (requested by dealer i bought of). It should all be warranted but still a real nuisance. Toyota engines done generally fail (this is about my 5th toyota!) especially as its only done 70k miles!! Any inputs appreciated.
  5. Oh, so the 140 box is a better motorway cruiser?? Many thanks for the replies. Looking into a 6 speed box for my starlet, but i want to make it better for motorway speeds in top gear. the 190 top gears sounds similar ratio to my 5th gear now. Cheers; Harvey
  6. Hi, just a quiuck question about the last celica's. Were all UK celica (140 and 190) 6 speed gearboxes? Also thos with these, what sort of rpm are you doing in 6th at say 70mph? Cheers; Harvey
  7. A UK Mk1 MR2 will be insurance group 12-13. They are pretty reasonable to insure.
  8. I have got a feeling they modify the indicators to be clear and not bought like it.... Are you a member on toyotaownersclub? I can put a question up on there if your not and see what they say.
  9. Ok thanks for the info. It is looking likely then that the 5E-FHE is the engine i need. I'm never gonna run big horsepower from my Starlet, just think the 1.5 would be ideal to give what the 1.3 lacks- torque. And improve the damn turbo lag! Anyway i should stop hijacking your post trying to sell your car! I will send you a pm soon. Hope this post come's out ok i'm using my mobile to post it!
  10. I would start by getting it regassed. Does your Dad use the air con regularly? Hopefully he does, becuase if air conditioning is not used often, the seals dry out and then they leak meaning costly repairs. Try getting it regassed and see how it is then.
  11. I might be wrong.... but isnt the BZR that hes seeking, the newer front wheel drive one? If so presumably they dont suffer from rust like you say? I presume your referring to the AE86? Or do the 92's rust bad too??
  12. read his post properly. He had a 4Efe not 4Afe. (Or at least asking if a 4efe box will fit a 4A) Surely they didnt make the 1.3 and 1.6 corolla engines bays different..... So maybe it is just a case of finding some 4afe gearbox mounts like someone said? It would be interesting to know if a 4EFE gearbox will fit a 4A though. If so i could look for 20v 6 speed gearbox for my starlet. I dunno whether a G6R box would take the abuse of a 4EFTE
  13. Ok mate well i will no doubt be in touch. I want a 5E-FE for my GT to build up a 1.5 turbo. a 5E-FHE would be a little waste for this, but certainly an option if no 5e-fe about. However, the FHE would be ideal for a ep91 starlet sportif i know of ;) Do you actually have all the wiring loom and ancillaries for a 5e-fhe?
  14. If i hadnt bought my starlet GT a few months ago, then this would be a buy and a half! Im sure someone will snap it up at that price. You say you could return it to 5efhe? Does this mean then you still have the original 1.5 with wiring loom? If so, and you sell the sera as is, i might be interested in the 5efhe if your selling :)
  15. As many have said, there isnt many differences. It mainly comes down to what you prefer the look of. No - whoever told you the glanza is quicker is lieing. Yeah the glanza's are limited to low boost in 1st and 2nd, but even with this disabled, the starlet is 'fractionly' quicker. The Glanza is not loads heavier like someone here said, i think its about 40kg difference. On the road you would barely notice a difference performance wise. I have a starlet GT. I do prefer the look of the Glanza (in white anyway) but i didnt want to spend so much money for a small car! Also ins - you say wont be a prob, no way near as many companies will touch a glanza compared to a starlet, so get some quotes first. I too would agree if you can afford it - get a glanza, but it all depends on what you prefer the look of more.
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