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  1. Personally I wouldn't get a new Avensis, would wait and see if they have improved, for five years I had a mk1 Avensis (Carina engine) and it was one of the best cars I've ever owned and it was a Taxi and had done 280k MILES without serious problems. IMO When Toyota introduced the next phase they drastically went down hill, as a consequence they are hardly any taxis that still use them here now and it was a direct response to how unreliable they have become. I hope that the new one has ironed out most of the problems but i'm not holding my breath, like the other poster says, cars built in Japan are much better then they are here, why is this???
  2. This seems a common issue on the mk 1s and its very easy and cheap to replace.
  3. Get a new barrel it might solve it then!
  4. Actually i was referring to the new 2 litre VW engine was the Octavia that one? wouldn't of thought so.
  5. Not as economical as a vw but the upside is you will have no flywheel or timing belt problems. one tip though, to get good mileage stay in the gears longer before you change up. you can safely stay in 3rd until 40mph before changing and same in 4th etc. enjoy it is a fast enough car and i taxi usually with a full load. I've know alot of people that have suffered with the duel-mass flywheel and have even had solid ones fitted back on to stop it failing in the future, it's a hell of a job and costly if it goes, generally it's like it on most cars now. I drive a Mondeo (the new shape) but i'm gonna revert back to a Honda Accord tourer soon, although this new Mondeo is a cracker of a car the Honda's reliability and build quality shines through.
  6. WRONG! stay away from the new 2.0 Diesel VW'S there have been loads of problems on the Passat and hardly any Taxi Drivers use them in Sheffield now, the electronic HB switch fails often too. IMO Avensis is a sensible buy but regrettably it to has deteriorated in reliability, there have been a lot more cases of problems with Taxi's.
  7. The lean burn sensor cost something like €320 so unless your engine management light is on like mine was, I'd be inclined to put up with the smell!! Also, I couldn't say it was the cause of it but since you're first post, I've been taking even more notice than usual and there doesn't seem to be any smell whatever. Before it was replaced, when you'd stop you could get the smell as you described. I think at that price it's going to be low on the wanted list (planning our wedding and refurbishing our flat at the moment so no chance *lol*). The engine warning light isn't on. Am I right in thinking that the cause of the smell is petrol burning in the catalyst? The car tends to idle quite fast when cold (noticed someone else posting in the forum about this) and isn't quite as frugal as I'd hoped, though I don't remember the figure I worked out so it's possible I'm expecting too much of the car. I was just wondering if these were all related, though. I seem to remember reading that the catalyst can be damaged by being contaminated with petrol, so from that point of view we could possibly justify replacing the sensor (depends how much catalysts for these cars cost!). When i had a 1.8 gls Avensis i had this problem, it started more after 100k too. i can confirm that it is indeed the cat and they are well expensive, there is no real problem it's just that your cat had done a few miles (well thats what i got told anyway) so either put up or replace the cat. Insistently i always noticed the smell on hills too and i'm also from Sheffield, maybe it's a Sheffield thing :D
  8. I sympathise with you mate, most people in our trade look for Toyota's as the car to go for but the amount of problems people had with the mk 2 then the new shape mk 3 was scary. It could of been over looked had it been a niggly thing like you say, however it has been things like the fly wheel shattering, head gaskets blowing (needing the engine out) oil leaks galore, all major problems. Like i said if they repair all the problems people will return.
  9. Thank god i didn't buy an Avensis, i really wanted to stick with Toyota but sadly they have become very unreliable cars from feedback in the taxi trade. They will have to improve before customers like me return.
  10. Not disagreeing as you own both, but I am surprised at some of your conclusions. Are they diesels or petrols? I wanted an Accord for years and then took one on a day long test drive and was relatively impressed, but a bit underwhelmed bearing in mind the price. I didn't like the Avensis at all, based on driving a 1.8 T4 in around 2003. For some reason I had one last look at the Avensis and decided I preferred the interior to the Accord, so booked a test drive for comparison. My decision was based on the 2.2 diesel in both cars, Accord Exec vs. Avensis T3-X. My thoughts were that the engines were very similar, but the Avensis just edged it on rengine efinement. I felt the Avensis had far better Mway refinement, both ride and noise, but the Accord was a much better handler. For build quality I couldn't split them but preferred the idea of the Japan built Accord. Can't pretend price wasn't a factor, it was, the Accord Exec would have been up against the T180, which I no doubt would have loved. Close call then, but I bought the Avensis. I've read a few things about Accord paint quality being a bit thin, and a colleagues 40k mile example certainly appears a lot more worn than my 30k Avensis, lots of little scratches and chips. How do your two compare on that front? As I say, your opinions as an owner of both are far more worthwhile than my test-drive comparison. Would be interested to know if they are petrols or diesels? As mentioned, I really, really disliked the 2003 model 1.8 I drove, whereas the facelift 2.2 D4-D was a completely different kettle of fish. I'm suprised a little because recently i had a look at an Accord and i was totally impressed by the engine, it was that quiet it sounded like a petrol - massive thumbs up to Honda for that. The drive seems more precise and the overall look looks pleasant, cruise control on most models too, although the Avensis is still a really good car, Honda is IMO way in front. Regarding the prices, for a 05 Accord ex cdti showing 50k fhsh, i saw prices around £8995, and saw exactly the same give or take for the Avensis however it has to be said Honda are more expensive on parts.
  11. As an owner of both, I can say without a shadow of a doubt the Accord is the better car. Better built, superior handling and better engine and gearbox. The Avensis is very good though just not up to the standard of the Accord. Yeah i suspected that although as you say the Avensis is still a very good car but i think the Accord has the edge, the only thing letting it down is the expensive parts and servicing.
  12. Before i get into what i think, what do people generally think of these two cars if they were comparing them to buy?
  13. These headlights by Toyota are a disgrace, how many more post will we read about this very same thing?
  14. Glad you sorted the problem however what a poor set up the first garage was let us know how you get on, i would of been well p**** off if it was me - Mark.
  15. Right i have been reading some of the posts on here regarding the dmf, and was/is the problem on all of the cars or just pre 03 models, this is a very worrying thing to digest and seeing as it will be used as a taxi i'm reviewing my options on my next car. I can live with things going wrong but i have know other people to suffer from this and reading one particular post on here got me thinking.
  16. Interested in what you have to say mate.
  17. I has this problem mate, you need a new ignition switch it's the black box at the back of the barrel where the pin goes into it, iirc it doesn't cost too much.
  18. Was on about the new Mondeo that has just launched, i know the older models were bad however its the d4d v the new mondeo that is contested and tbh the new mondeo looks better then the d4d however it is a new model and i suppose problems can develop.
  19. Is it now becoming a bad buy and are other manafucturers catching Toyota up? it seems so many Taxidrivers i know are reporting increasing problems with their Avensis and worryingly alot have been the flywheel issue, im due to replace mine soon and seriously thinking again, the Mondeo although a ford has got heaps of praise in a recent review.
  20. taximark

    Ht Leads

    Had a split where the plug bit is on the smallest lead on my 98 Avensis, replaced them only to have the same prob AGAIN on the new leads, i'm now really confused why would it burn out or through again? any one with any ideas? it's making the car mis fire.
  21. Ask for a total refund, the garage have assumed it is a caliper problem and charges you for a part you never needed also charges you an absurd amount, is the garage a dodgy back street one? You can phone Trading standards up regarding this matter too, do everything to threaten them, its places like this that gives the motor trade a bad name. You need to take it to a garage you can trust.
  22. That's strange, nothing about headlights mentioned in there.
  23. That should be interesting to hear what they come up with.
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