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  1. I have watched lost since the start and i didnt miss anything. I stayed up to watch the last two episodes even though they were on till midnight and i had to be up for work at 4.45am , and all i can say is , what a !Removed! anti climax that was . Soooo !Removed! disapointing . it showed us very little. Even the papers lied about what we were going to see.
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm a nice moist muffin :censor: . hehehehehe oh wrong kind of muffin lolsorry.
  3. Hi buddy , am not far from you .i used to live in kincorth but moved to kintore bout 6 months ago . Why dont you give checkpoint a call. they fit all this fancy stuff so mabe they service , or at least tell you who would im sure . Best of luck m8 :)
  4. Helloooooooooo. jesus , an echo lol. has everyone gone on holiday or sold up there mpv,s Do we have and mpv admin or is the admins for the club as a whole.
  5. So, Thats where iv been going wrong. I better flip her over tonight
  6. Thoughts with you kimi, cheque in the post. Best wishes, from the Clark family.
  7. Oh and as glanma forgot , tsk,tsk, on behalf of all of us , welcome to the club :)
  8. Stop Stop please. i cant afford all these super fantabulouse cars anymore. im getting married in 2 weeks after 42 years of sorta freedom and i simply cant waist the cash anymore. p.s. ill check out the price of this beast and let you all know
  9. ooooooo! your not jelouse are you kit :D . No. Im not either :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :censor:
  10. antipodes:islands B) i looked it up :P
  11. Gimme a couple of weeks and ill be there too :D
  12. thats brilliant lol . im getting married on the 29th of this month , i hope i get one of those as a pressie. :D come on all , chip in ,hehehehehehehe
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