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  1. Yaris SR 136,000 miles on it and that was given a good thrashing most of its life sold it and it was fine its a toyota dont worry yourself
  2. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=220458705119
  3. ive got a decat pipe for the yaris fit on the manifold then need welding in after the cat but its got some dents in it from the car being low
  4. Hi after some bits for my tsport after my mr2 went bang Lowering spring/coilover either or light brows front fog lights backbox (aftermarket) any front splitters that are going (booster, trd, etc) Just PM me or contact MR2Alex1988@googlemail.com Cheers Alex
  5. Sorry for the late reply I got it going again about an hour or so after No idea how but it just started! I'm guessing it was something to do with the alarm as I read it can detect when you fiddle with the battery Cheers srkid good to be back in a yaris :) see you bumped up to a t sport aswell!
  6. had my tsport 3 days ive disconnected the battery to put my sub in and now ive put it back together it wont start put everything back to normal and it still wont lights wont switch on n i have no electrics but if i try to start the car the start motor turns and sounds faily normal but the engine wont come to life! i have the alarm on it also could it be to do with this?
  7. im not saying he didnt deserve it but i dont feel that race ended fairly and think it could be hung over his head for a while was a lot of booing! :o gutted for massa poor bloke deserved it as much as lewis specially with all his reliability problems
  8. Anyone else think that massa just had his title stolen from him?
  9. i just cant believe some one could do it :| i mean i can understand if you have 2 and get pulled n your over as you probs would think your ok but this guy must have has a full session in the pubs at no point did he stay in a straight line of keep in a lane :| i agree instant ban for a good amount of time aswell possibly jail to be honest after watching the kind of damage that guy could have caused
  10. i was after this on ebay and im sure it said it was for the rev 3 :S dont no if it was a different one but they are pretty rare on ebay
  11. im a second year apprentice earning £600 a month ISH long as you pick up a good one maintance isnt to bad end of the day its jap just put your spare money aways for any problems same as yourself i went from a yaris to the mr2 turbo best decision ive ever mate they are unreal!
  12. I filled up my car after work and made my way to the motorway, merged on and found a motorbike infront of me and a white van the motorbike was in the outside lane doing about 55 mph so i came along side him pretty soon and he flagged me to slow down as i watched the van infront of me the car was off the road more than it was on the motorbike flagged me to put my window down and shouted to phone the police i phoned them explained what was happening as he nearly wiped out a car that got past the motorbike then proceded to drive down the middle of the motorway swaying from side to side in to the hard shoulder and on to the grass where the central reservation was by this point the police were "suppodedly" on there way and myself and the motorbike to my right were holding the traffic in both lanes back to avoid an accident as his driving was becoming worse with ventures off the road becoming more and more frequent another 10miles later he decides he doesnt like the motorway anymore so he turns off up a slip road for Durham cutting across both lanes and not indicating then stays in the right lane and stops at the traffic lights altho they are green! he then uses the right lane to go straght back on to the motorway barely missing another car in the right lane and also hitting the kerb on to the slip road at this point i was in the wrong lane to carry on so i turned back on to the road i needed to be on to get home. i got home and texted a couple of my friends to let them no what had happened and lone behold one of them texts and tells me on his way home from work at washington services on the A1 a van of the same discription as the one i had been following had been pulled over by two police cars :) very happy that my phone call was responded to because finding a white van on the A1 during rush hour cant have been a very easy task! im still shocked to be honest tho that someone could get in a car and drive in such a state :| with no control over a vehicle and also no thought for the damage they may cause to other vehicles and peoples lives! how there wasnt an accident i dont no but thankfully there wasn't
  13. I will do thanks for the advice :) most people have been saying the same thing to me and dont worry its sinking in like! having to work so much overtime for this car im guna take my time anyways im not wreaking something ive had to work so hard for paying £990 on my yaris at the moment for insurance with elephant rang up todday to see if they can quote me to upgrade my car expected to pay another £1000 to do it they only want another £220 for me to change the car :o sorted one major problem out cause the insurance was going to be a nightmare just need to see if i can pay a hospital to put me in an induced coma untill saturday haha cause i cant take the waiting anymore!!!!!
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