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  1. Hi, I know this is very difficult to diagnose, but anyone have any ideas on best place to start? She's been sitting in the garage for a good while, so I gave her a full service (filters, oil and plugs). She's running ok, but is idling around 1500-1700 revs. Is this too high? I've also noticed the throttle pedal is sticking slightly. When I jump in for the first time of the day, I need to opush my foot down hard to release it, as it seems to be stuck somewhere. Once it's loose, it's fine for the day. Not sure if it might be linked. Engine management light is also on, but has been like that for ages, as the power steeering pump was gone. I fixed it, but didn;t turn the light off, so may be still on for that, as I don't have OBD tool to check or turn it off. If anyone can recommend me an OBD tool I will get one of them and have a look. Thanks in advance 🙂
  2. jackrmee

    Best OBD tool

    I've got a 2004 Roadster. Engine light is on and I'd like to buy a code reader/diagnostic tool. Could anyone recommend: a) A cheap one which checks and removes codes. b) A good value buy which does most of the stuff the most expensive ones do. c) A top of the range one which does everything. Thank you!
  3. I've been looking at a classic Toyota which has been imported from SA. It has some marks and will either need body panels or new paint. It's from 1974, so I was wondering if anyone knows how easy it would be to get someone to paint some panels in original colour? Cheers
  4. I'm looking for a handheld code reader that will turn the check engine light off and show me the codes. Which one do I need? Cheap please :) Thanks
  5. Battery is dead and I have to move it ASAP. Please help me find the bonnet pull. ps. It also needs oil. Is the oil in the same place?
  6. Battery is dead and need to move it asap. It's Automatic so does that mean I can't tow it?
  7. I'm having trouble with my old Townace and now I have to move it from where it is. Can I tow it (being an auto)?? If not, can someone tell me where the bonnet pull is? I can't find it any flamin' where!! Battery is dead and needs oil. Thanks