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  1. I went to my local dealer and they had the hybrid and petrol Corolla's, the hybrid was the top of the range called "Premium" and was more then €32,000 but was the only model with BSM and RCTA, which I really wanted, so for slightly less money I could buy the C-HR Hybrid so my deposit went on that:)
  2. Quite like the look of the new 2019 Corolla, does anyone "in the know" know when they will start making left hand drive models for Europe?
  3. Crisis averted :) with some long nose pliers and a torch I was able to see where it had gone and retrieved it.
  4. I have just noticed that the middle rear seat belt buckle is missing, it used to be there of course and there is a small pocket for it to sit in, I first thought it had somehow got stuck under the seats when I set them flat so had a look moved the seats from upright to flat and could see nothing at all, anyone have any idea's?
  5. I thought I would finish this thread with thanking Devon Aygo who helped and found that there was no recall for this problem and also I'll add some info from the diagnostic report for anyone who may be interested, also thanks to everyone who also commented I do sincerely hope no else gets this problem or if they do that it is in warranty. Fault finding and replacement DC / DC converter code default P0A94 - 557 code erase fault Machine E inverter: Code P324E, Type Fault: sporadic
  6. Just got back from the UK and drove around 1200 miles and the Auris was ok, I would like to try and check if my Auris should have had a recall although you would think that Toyota would have mentioned it when was being serviced by them, I bought the car from Toyoya here in Luxembourg and before going back to them if there was a recall I would like to have my own info and data first, the UK recall affected 24734 vehicles with numbers OE001002 to OE007337, my March 2011 Auris number is 0E022071 which doesn't match but I haven't been able to find any other recall checker for my Auris, just seems a bit of a coincidence that my inverter failure is exactly as described in the Uk recall.
  7. I got my Auris back today with a new inverter in it and a big hole in my wallet, cost me €2520, it only has a 1 year warranty so I hope it lasts, all the money I thought I had saved on fuel economy has completely disappeared and my faith in Toyota reliability has took a bit of a hit, I was hoping to buy a new Auris next year, still might but will have to have a good think about it and figure in the extended warranty next time or get rid after 5 years. Anyway I'm off to Englands green and pleasant lands tomorrow:) BTW was impressed how quick Toyota fixed my Auris.
  8. My Auris was first registered March 2011 and I have not been notified of any recalls to date.
  9. Was left with little choice but to tell them to go ahead with the repair, part will have to be sent from Belgium.
  10. Just had a call from Toyota to say they found the problem, something to do with the inverter didn't get any more info then that and the repair will cost €2600, that's not a typo btw.
  11. Thanks for all the input much appreciated, I will keep you updated, my millage is coming up to 140,000km so above average maybe for a 6 year 2 month old car it has been regularly serviced, have to say this is the very first major problem I have had.
  12. Thanks for the info, I had the car towed to my local garage who said they could check it out but couldn't do a full diagnostic and said it would have to go to a Toyota dealer which is where it has now gone so one day wasted and I need the car for Saturday for our trip to the UK, it's looking a bit unlikely now.
  13. My wife was driving the Auris Hybrid and suddenly the speed dropped to 40KPH and a warning said "Check Hybrid System" We had to have it taken to a local garage who will check it tomorrow, I'm thinking that the small 12v battery has failed, any other possible reasons?
  14. Well have got it sorted, by removing all the screws and plastic fasteners from the very top of the bumper I was able to just get my hand inside to turn the bulb holder into place.
  15. I managed to get the bulb out using a small sprung clamp not much skin left on my wrist! Although putting it back should just be a simply reverse procedure it's not quite that easy as trying to turn the bulb clockwise is proving very difficult as the space is too small to turn my wrist, I may have to remove the headlamp unit. Attached 2 photos to show bulb.
  16. I'm sure we are talking about the same lamp, my manual does say ""Turn the bulb base counterclockwise" and shows the cable and plug still connected, I had no joy doing this, maybe just not enough room to turn my hand so if you press the spring wire it does come off the bulb socket leaving the bulb still in place where I could then not reach, guess my hands are too big, will have another fiddle later.
  17. My manual calls them front position lights but of course they are really side lights:) I don't think my fingers are that short but I can barely just touch the end of the lamp let alone try and turn it, I did try and turn it with the holder still on but no luck, I believe it is the air intake restricting my hand, I had an idea to use a small sprung clamp and will give it a go later.
  18. I have a 2011 Auris and one of my front position lights has gone, I managed to just squeeze my hand in and remove the plug but can't reach the bulb base to turn it, I tried with pliers but due to the angle it sticks out it wasn't possible to turn it, anyone have any tips?
  19. zetor

    The 12v Battery

    My Auris Hybrid is coming up to 6 years old and has been fault free but I was wondering how long the small 12v battery lasts and should I think about replacing it? Alternative is wait till it fails and get stuck somewhere...
  20. zetor

    Hand Brake Switch

    I had no luck working out where to connect the green wire so didn't bother with the video function, sorry can't be of any help.
  21. Low Rolling Resistance I believe - helps better MPG apparently. Is LRR more important than say quality all season tyre s performance? I got Michelin CrossClimate all seasons on my Auris - good low resistance and good wear and very good all weather - based on online reviews / spec What size are your Michelin CrossClimate tyres? My Auris Hybrid came with Michelin Primacy HP 215/45 17 85W and it seems there is'nt a CrossClimate for this size, I do also have my winter tyres on some 195/65 R15 wheels but I was hoping to put all season tyres on the original wheels that came with the car, also it seems the Goodyear Vector 4 are'nt available for me wheels either.
  22. I have them in summer and winter tyres but wanted to explore the option of all season tyres but still wanted the recommneded LRR tyres.
  23. I was wondering if LRR all season tyres are available for the Hybrid Auris, has anyone tried or know if they are available?
  24. Am update after disconnecting the window sensor and it's a huge result and I now have manual control over the wipers, it's like having a new car again:) The wipers are still squeaking but I am trying to adjust the angle which the blade wipes the screen but that hasn't been too successful, I can see that the PIAA wipers would indeed be the overall solution but they do come at a price.
  25. The 48mpg is an absolute figure taken over more 53,000 miles including I think 3 winters but I would say that I was hoping for a better fuel consumption bearing in mind I'm not a pedal to the floor type driver, my Auris is the 1.8 version which with the electric motor gives a power output of a 2 litre car, I think also you are comparing it to your 1.3l motor?