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    Camry Stalling

    I have a 1995 Toyota Camry and it's been stalling at stopsigns and street lights. The rpms would just drop out and it would sputter and die. I generally don't have any problems starting it up. I just have to hit the accelerator a bit when I start it. I brought it to a local mechanic that specializes in imports. He said it was the ERG valve. He also said that my timing belt was making some noise and that I might want to replace that in the near future. I stuck with the cost of replacing the ERG valve and I will probably get the timing belt replaced in a few months. I'm a poor grad student and couldn't get it done all at once. Cost of part and installation for ERG valve: $372 U.S. Dollars Cost he quoted me for replacement and labor for timing belt: $350 I really hope replacing the ERG valve fixes this problem!!! DAMN IT!