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  1. I am going to buy a cheap (sub £1000 ) rav4. There are few around some with 12months MOT. Its not going to be the everyday family vehicle so are there any advantages/disadvantages of the 5 vs 3 door ? Also there are some at 120k miles and others at 140k miles.. I am only going to be doing around 3k miles a year.. is high mileage an issue.. anything I should look for at the 140k+ miles ? thanks
  2. I dont know much about the hilux except that I think it would suit us BUT we have dogs.. these may sound questions but 1. If you have the cab on the back, are all the windows sealed ie NOT suitable for animals 2. Can the cab be attached/removed or is it permanent Thanks
  3. I have had quite a few 4x4's including landrovers, jeeps etc. Three years ago I went looking for a landcruiser but could not find a diesel within my price range. Eventually I settled on a Nissan Patrol 3.0d. Its been a good car but I want to return to my initial desire to have a big LC Amazon diesel. ( I often carry 6 and have two dogs ) I definitely want a diesel , 4.2 but I have a couple of questions :- NB: I have around £6-8k to spend - Which is 'better; Auto or Manual ? - Is a particular version ( 12v/24v ) worth getting - Should age/mileage really be a worry - Once my Nissan turbo failed and that cost me £800 to fix.. what are LC maintenance prices like. Any other advice such as good websites etc. Thanks Pete
  4. I'm not sure this is the correct place to put this request so please bear with me... I have been after a good landcruiser 4.2TD Auto for months. I finally found what seems like a good one near Ipswich in Suffolk but I am based in Cheshire so its just too far for me to get to with the family.. SO.... I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would be willing to go and look at the landcruiser for me for a few bottles of wine or whatever they fancied... If thats not possible I am happy to take any suggestions for trusted mechanics etc The exact location is woodbridge ( north of Ipswich ) in suffolk Here's hoping !! Thanks
  5. Hi All, I have wanted a celica for a long time and have always liked to older shaped model ( G,H reg..) but preferred the GT4.. I currently have a Golf which has been fantastically reliable and I was wondering about replacing this with a GT4 ot GT4 Turbo. BUT.. I know nothing about the reliability record, how expensive they are to maintain and insure or even which model I should beware of.. I dont want to spend much <£4k so that might limit it although I have seen lots of early models around the G-J reg for 2 or 3k in autotrader. Any help form the experts would be welcome !! Cheers peter
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