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  1. Sean Connery, no doubt in my mind mish moneypenny. Daddy or Chips
  2. Every days a school day :!Removed!:
  3. Anyone watching Bolton on channel 5???????????????
  4. Catz Tatz


    Evening fellow drivers, i'm a bit bored of my plastic trims on doors and quarters. does anywhere sell these? any info will be appreciated. sorry it a Gen5 GTFour. Cat...................................... Oh and it was my birthday yesterday :hokus-pokus: The puss puss is 31. in my prime
  5. its Toyota yellow mica, just bin polished and then rain, in proper light its witters
  6. IF IT HAS TO BEE, BEE TOYOTA........ mellow yellow.
  7. What do you all think???????? She still needs a bit of airbrushing to finish her off. Shes mellow but has a dark streak.
  8. My pain will be eased when im rollin, What you think of colour choice?
  9. Evening all, and how gutted am i, Well ive been spraying my gen5 gt4 up over the last 3 days. Solid black basecoat and laquer on bonnet, roof, boot and spoiler for my airbrushing background, still deciding on design the rest of the car in Toyota yellow mica, it looks top draw, its a milky smooth yellow with a fine silver metalic in it, B) Well i got it all built up, buffed, waxed and no touch up, now i was ready to do a few miles but had to lock, i parked her up and my work partner drove a fooookin Landcruiser into my passenger side back quarter, only doing about 3 mph into the oven, as youll understand i was :ffs: . So i hopped skipped and jumped over the landcruiser and understandably gripped my partner out, are you fooookin blind :censor: head, i didnt see it was that close, and the bumpers are wider than i thought, i told him that wasnt good enough, bop, bop and blood, now i feel guilty and i am going solo, i have popped the dint out but theres about 10 scratches and no damage to the landcruiser, i will have to put filler on a panel that didnt need it. thanx for listening to my bit ching. pictures will be on tomoz defo. I AM GUTTED..........CAT
  10. Good evening young dude. Nothing is ever easy!!!!!!!!! Some gobbin put an 8inch tail pipe on my Darkness, :ffs: . i've had nothing but bad news with it, had to buy full system to remedy it. my advice would be dont do it if it looks even slightly dodgy. most michanics would fit on for you for half that price, unfortuantly i dont know any one in your area but i bet someone on the site does. So all in all my advice is pretty useless, if you go ahead check all possible problems and dont weld it. Cat.
  11. Evening Memberz. I'm after 2 bonnets to fit Gen5 GT4, they have to be ventless, minor scratches and dents are no bova. Cash waiting Been an ebay with no joy.......
  12. Shame that, don't think you can get competition phone numbers to call for winning a missus tho ← oh you can. there selling vaginity on ebay
  13. Never won a sausage. I'm like that tho, youve got to have a peek. ive rang one once and as the conversation goes on the voice gets lower meaning you have to ring again to catch what it said. And i'm still looking for a missus, nowt but bad luck in my litter tray.
  14. return to sender, must av wrote address slightly wrong me thinks :!Removed!:
  15. now its saying user id is already being used"obviously" its me. i dont have to change all passwords und user id do i ??????????????
  16. evening all, todays problem is: i sent off a cheque to become a gold member, this morning i got it back un opened, so obviously i ripped it up. the dilema is that now i try and use paypal it wont accept, keeps saying absolute trifle and not letting me get past name and address. Do you not want my money T.O.C? Any form of help will be grateful. Catz
  17. Catz Tatz

    Loan Wanted

    Listen dude its the last night for guy falks, Get one made and get outside main tesco, you'll av 160 by the end of business. Penny for the guy, Yav more tap than a blind mans stick. "window tint or privacy glass"
  19. Everydays a birthday in that house. Happy Birthday Dazza. Wheres that box of tissue
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