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  1. When I had to buy one (here in Dublin) I had to get the key off Main Dealer (€26 I think) and then the mate coded it for me by turning the key on and off in the ignition a number of times and opening and closing the drivers door the same amout. IT sounds daft I know but he works in a Toyota garage. Cubix
  2. I know I posted this nearly a year ago but I finally got the finger out and changed my coolant and since doing this (4days ago) the needle has not been jumping around. Probally to early to say this is fixed it but for anyone else have the problem I was having might be worth a try before shelling out on a new switch for the dash Cubix
  3. Thanks for the detailed reply Gazza. No havent look at a garage yet but that will be the next step.Will have a look for leaks tomorrow,is it the springs that keep the car up and level when standing still. When I push on a corner it depress pretty easy and comes up quick enough too Cubix
  4. I have a 96 carina 1.6 petrol carina E saloon with 220'000 miles on it. While driving and if I go over a bump/pothole you get a knock noise/rough ride. I have checked the underside and cannot find anything lose or knocking (wheel bearings/anti roll bar etc). I know due to the high mileage people would say shock absorbers but when the garage replace the shocks they only do the strut?. And this part only dampens, as in it stops the bouning effect, does the spring actually do the shock part and if so is it worth looking at this end?. Would really appreciate anyone who did their shocks to reply Thanks
  5. cubix

    Key Coding

    Not sure about the alarm fob Darren but this is what worked on my 96 1.6 carina-e key. Sit into the car and close the door/ put the key to be coded into the ignition and turn it on and then off 5 times in a row ending with the key in the off position/ once completed open and close the drivers door five times ending with the door in the closed position/then wait for at least 1 minute, I waited for 2 and then turn the car over and all should work Cubix
  6. I know this is a toyota forum but I post here a bit I am sure that there are people here who work on other stuff other than toyota's. Basically my other half has a 98 opel corsa viva and I need to change the front brake pads. No problem changing front brakes pads on my toyota (thanks to gazza ) But I thought i heard some where that if you push the piston back into the calapier on the corsa there is a likely chance you can do in the master cyclinder. To get around this you need to loosen the bleed screw, I am hoping I heard wrong and wont have to do this? Thanks Cubix
  7. cubix

    Key Coding

    Not sure if this has been post already but I was shown last night how to code the key for a Carina-E. I suppose technaly your actually registering the coded key with your ignition which I think has five spaces. So if five keys have been registered and you need to register another one you will need to clear the memory. Anyways if anyone fancy's saving a few bob on getting the key married up with their car give me a shout and i will post it up On a side note why is there no stickies on this stuff. I did a search for front brake changes but did not come up with anything. Thank fully Gazza came up with the goods, I suppose what I am saying is would it not be easier to have stickies like that one at the top of the page? Cubix
  8. Cheers Gazza for the link, off the top of your head do you know what the torque setting is for the bolts? Thanks Cubix
  9. Have done them a couple of times before but I remember coming across a tutorial on here that had a step by step guide on here but cannot locate it via search. Also can anyone confirm if I need to but on the stuff on the brake calapairs bolts to stop them rattling loose? Cheers
  10. What exactly does this little fella do and what would happen if you dont fix it Thanks
  11. Shiner has the exact same problem as I do with his temp gauge on his dash as I do but like me is not sure what is causing it. The gauge is giving a false reading ie:it will rise above half way but when you tap on the perspec's of the dash screen it will fall back to its ideal spot(just below half way). So I am just wondering has anyone fixed this type of temp gauge problem?. As in is it a faulty dash gauge or is it something under the bonnet Thanks
  12. Before I go routing out the Haynes manual does anyone know will any type of Anit Freeze/ coolant do a carina e or do I need a special mix. Can someone else clarify coolant is just anti freeze mixed 50/50 with a water solution. And with out being a total pain in the **** how many liters will i need to do a complete refill Thanks Cubix
  13. Really only happens when I start her from cold and give the steering a couple of turns to get her out of the driveway. The sound would remind you of the days of fan belt slipping. Is this my power steering belt pump can anyone tell me please Thanks