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  1. Thanks for the tips. But here is a strange thing. I called the local toyota dealer, the place where i bought my Rav4 and asked what my options were & how much it would cost to get the full colour screen fitted. He said that it couldn't be fitted to the XTR, only to XT5's!!! he said the only thing i could do was to have a TNS200 fitted to my exisitng stereo at a price of £1200!!! Has anyone else got a non XT5 with full colur hed unit? Marc
  2. Hi all, I have just bought a RAV 4 XTR, but with the standard CD audi unti. I want to get a sat nav system, I thought about getting a tom tom, but i'd prefer to have a neater solution. I notice that there is a 'nav/trip' button on my stereo unti (it's used for the trip computer) but can i get a navigation upgrade to my existing stereo? Another option is to replace the complete head unit and get the full colour screen, my dealer wants £1200 to but and fit, so i was wondering if its an easy job to by the head unti seperately and fit it myself. Any thoughts? Thx
  3. I have just bought an XT-R (carbon quartz) with leather seats. Definatly a better choice than the XT-4. The tinted widows are pretty dark from the outside, i was also thinking of getting the fromt passanger windows done to match up the sides but i heard it was illegal. One optional extra worth thinking about is the step boards, i saw an identical Rav to mine the other day with sideboards and it looked very cool. Thanks for the reply; I was under the impression and secretly hoping that the Tints on the XT-R were midnight the website brochure makes them look dark which is probably why I thought that. I am going to have to talk to the Dealer about it as he talked me in to going for the XT-R plus leather instead of the XT-4 as it makes better money sense. But my plan for the XT-4 was to get midnight in the rear and Light Smoke in the front, risky idea for the front but I had the same thing done on my present car (Avensis) and so far I haven’t had any problems with the police. Then again I could easily leave with what comes with XT-R and hope the Light smoke in the front completes the look for the better. ←
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