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  1. I`ve sourced a Facia Plate & harness http://www.incarelectrics.co.uk/manufactur...ID=365&btnGo=Go There does not seem to be an adaptor for the steering wheel controls? If any one knows differently please tell us here. Regards
  2. Well since my speaker upgrade I`m now thinking about upgrading my Head Unit to an Alpine CDA-9851R. I want to still be able to use the steering wheel controls & this H/unit will allow this also I will have to buy a Facia/adaptor for the H/Unit. Has any one done a simular upgrade & no the part numbers for the steering wheel wiring mod & the Facia/adaptor? Regards
  3. The Data sheet that Toyota supplied with my bill stated that the following tow bars were compatable:(PZ415-X0554-00,PZ415-X0557-00) Not Compatable with rear steps (PZ415-X0541-ZA,PZ415-X0541-ZB) or Rear bars (PZ415-X0540-ZA,PZ415-X0540-ZB) :(
  4. Hi tomfraser The Part No. 68650-42040 price £62-50 If your supplier has`nt got one telephone 01935 421050 Loders Toyota Yeovil
  5. Nice find chatman It reads well
  6. I`m seriously thinking about adding a strap on each pipe using a jubile clip & an exhaust rubber/ st/st bracket & fixing to an existing bolt location which I have`nt looked for yet. I`ll have a look at the weekend & see what it might involve. I`m not happy as it is. I`ll keep you informed.
  7. AMH thanx for that. You say they have never moved since you put the Halford clamps on, what if some one came along & decided to stand on them do you think they would move then or do you think I`m over reacting.
  8. Prince a question for you. :) Have your twin exhast pipes got any form of support holding them up? On my Rav the main exhaust box is nicely tied up with rubber band brackets etc. but the 2 pipes are done up with a sort of double wired jubile clip as they come out of the main box each side & thats it. When I got home last night I had to lift the pipe up under the number plate side & tighten the jubile nut as it had slipped down an inch or 2. There seems a lot of leveredge just hanging under there? Any un even ground or bumps would make the pipes gradually drop down again. Your comments would be appreciated. Regards
  9. same as Prince (above) but with out the rear bar
  10. My TTE St/St Twin Exhaust was fitted to day at a cost of £505.00 using the garages own Gold Card system, got 10% off. Like prince says it`s a sort of growling sound. I`m pleased with the result & think it finishes off the rear of this car nicely! :) I think I will leave off the modding this side of Xmas as it`s getting expensive what with presents & all.
  11. You do not need to modify the shelf! I have tried rogerrav`s fix & it works. Open your rear door and assuming the parcel shelf is in the normal down position. Lift the shelf up off the fixing slots as if you were about to fully open the shelf and then let it gently rest on the fixings again. Then put both your hands undernieth the shelf so as you are slightly stretching your arms to either side of your back window at the point where the shelf pivots & slighty push/force the shelf off the pivot points (your shelf is now just connected to the roller/back seat fixings) Now just lift the front of your shelf towards the rear seats & it will tilt back & stay in this position! It`s quite exciting once you`ve done it for the first time! To lower it just hold the top edge & lower towards yourself & at the same time pull the shelf towards you so as to locate back into the pivot points. This might all seem complicated but I can assure you once you try it you will see what I`m trying to describe. No more bumps! Regards
  12. Hi guys The front & rear speaker sizes are 6.5". you can use the original speaker adaptors by cutting out the old speakers as they are glued & wired into this mount. I took out the spacer/adaptors by drilling out the 3 rivets but the job can be done carefully if you leave the adaptors in. If you don`t use the original spacers the front windows will hit the top of the speaker magnet. I could not find any stockist in England that make an adaptor for the 4.2 series RAV4. I got the idea of cutting out the speakers from the original adaptors from our American friends over at http://www.rav4world.com/ hope this helps any one else who wants to try this upgrade. Regards
  13. Well I`ve finished the rear doors (sound deadening) all the inside trim is back & the system sounds awesome! You do not need a sub unit with the doors sealed there is plenty of base if you need it, just adjust the base/treble on the stock H/Unit. I will now sound deaden the rear floor panel & finish off the area around the 4 seats. It`s a very quite ride now. I`ve posted some pics here http://www.rav4world.com/ Look at my album XT4 Tinted A mod worth doing Regards
  14. Thanx for that sjrainsford I`ll give it a try.
  15. Well I`ve been at it all day! Putting the speakers in the car what do you think I ment? I have installed all 4 speakers & the good news is I used the original speaker housings, I just cut out all the old original speaker assy. This left a perfect adaptor/housing for my Infinity`s . Just dropped in the Infinity`s & drilled 4 x 4.2mm holes to match the spacings & nut & bolted together. I cut the original plastic speaker connector off & connected female joining sleeves then connected these to the cross over units which I then velcroed to the inside door skin. I had time to fix the Wickes Hi Tech Flashing to the 2 front doors & replace the inside door trims. Still got the rears to finish with the sound deadening. Now the sound I`m getting can not be compared to the original Rav speakers. It is just jaw dropping the base is there because of sealing up the doors (acts like a speaker enclousre) the tweeters in the Infinity`s can be turned through 360 degrees to face any direction (I have them pointed up at the driver/passenger) My wife & kids were well impressed. It will be even better when the rears are finished. I don`t think a new Head Unit is needed to drive these speakers & it does a very good job at the moment. If you want to do an upgrade for your RAV this is the one to do (after the rear door bracket of course) I have taken pictures but don`t know how to upload them if I`m allowed at all, but I will be becoming a Gold Member soon to help pay for the Twin St/St Exhaust
  16. Hi gsilks If you have no luck on replacing your head unit with an original RAV unit. You can pick out any type of head unit from Halfords etc. & buy an additional harness/fixing plate even if the rear plug is different there is an adaptor for that as well. Total cost about £200.00 depending on what type of H/U you buy. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Toyota-RAV-4-CD-Play...1QQcmdZViewItem Check this out on e-bay
  17. Hi tomfraser I traded in a RAV XT3 for a Lexus RX300-SE 5 months ago. I thought bigger, better etc. 2 weeks ago I traded the Lexus back in for a RAV XT4. In my opinion the RAV is a better car to drive & park etc. & has put back the fun asspect of driving. The main gripe about the Lexus was the foot brake which is instead of the hand brake....."WHAT A PAIN" using that! Anyway good luck on your decision.
  18. The twin st/st exhaust cost`s £439.51 inc.vat & a total of £531.16 with Mr T fitting it! I`m getting it fitted because the car is still under warranty & I don`t fancy crawling around under the car anyway. I suppose if I became a Gold Member I might get 15% off but that depends on the garage etc. As for pics well as soon as I get it back Monday 21st Nov. I`ll take some & try & put them on here?
  19. If you find time ,can you take a few photo's of the job in progress . ← Yes I`ll do some photo`s to show progress.
  20. I`m fed up looking for this exhaust so I`ve orderd one from Mr T & will have it fitted Monday week 21st November
  21. This weekend I`m taking out one of the speaker enclosures so as to make speaker adaptors. Halfords & other car audio specialists do not stock them & can`t find a supplier. This makes the mod a little difficult. I am an engineer by trade & I`m going to roll 4 speaker tubes using 3mm aluminium. I will then weld 4 lugs equally spaced on one end for the speaker & 3 lugs the other to match the door spacings. The tube will then have the Wickes high tech flashing wrapped around for deadening. Give me a week & I`ll keep you posted.
  22. RAV-44

    Rav 4 Stalling!

    Hi stew This is our 3rd Rav4 & they have all been auto, have`nt heard of this problem before. Let us know the result after Toyota have fixed it.
  23. I keep mine on all the time (climate control) & I have`nt noticed any real difference in economy. :)
  24. Got to get me some of those.
  25. Wickes do various size rolls. I bought the 220mm wide roll x 10meters long for £16.99. So far I`ve used 3 strips of 1metre long for the rear door leaving 7metres. Apparently it takes about 25sq ft for 5 doors. Dynamat extreme is £119.00 for 36sq ft (9 Sheets 18" x 32") so this can work out expensive if doing the whole car. http://www.chimchim.net/rav4/main/modsmain.htm Plenty of photo`s & info hear click on the stereo how to link & follow it down to the door/speaker mods. Yes it does make a difference, flick an empty can with your finger nail then hold the can in your hand & flick it again thats the sort of difference you would expect in your car.
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