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  1. The small gear stick is used to control the 4WD and reduction method: N = Neutral, no traction at all (used as intermadiary possition) L2 = LOW, 2W traction - only the rear wheels are pushing, with a 1/2 reduction -> used to climb step heels with load, or carry heavy loads, on pavement (not all Hilux have this option - L2) H2 = HIGH, 2W traction - this is the normal way of riding on pavement, around town, etc. The rear wheels are pushing, without reduction. The front wheels are free. H4 = HIGH, 4W traction - all wheels engaged, no reduction. DO NOT use this on pavement, since the front and the back axels will "wind up", causing bad injury on the gaerbox & stuff - Hilux doesn't have a central differential to help on this (like Discovery, Pajero). This mode is used with slipery surfaces at (moderate) high speeds, like winter driving, sand, gravel, etc. You didn't mention L4, but should be there ... I think L4 = LOW, 4W traction. Similar to H4, but with a 1/2 reduction. Used offroad mostly. Same cautions apply: do not use on pavement. This works well with L4 mode. It locks up the Read Differential. This means that the Rear-Right and the Rear-Left wheels spin up with the same speed (there is no differential, cause it's locked). This is used to get out from deep mud, snow, sand - when one rear wheel is spinning freely (with the diff. unlocked, the other will not move, so blocking the diff. helps.). You shouldn't lock the rear diff on pavement and/or high speeds, it's used only to get out from a specific sittuation, then unlock it. Used in winter to warm up the engine, or when you are using aux. devices which need power: winches, etc
  2. Thanks Andy! Anybody knows how it feels with the "soft" setting ?
  3. Here is my question about shocks, I posted it on HPOC, hope nobody minds. It's about my Hilux DoubleCab 4x4 SR5, 2005, engine D4D 2.5L Since my wife got pregnant, she doesn't feel comfortable anymore in Hilux, mostly on minor roads (potholes, bumps, etc). Same situation for the future baby rolleyes.gif So, I'm considering fitting a set of Rancho RS9000X adjustable shocks, and use the "soft" setting for family trips and the "hard" setting for loads, off-road & stuff. My questions are: anyone did this? what's the feedback? any glitches to consider? any risk? Secondary, I'm having a hard time identifying the part numbers, all I could find were on-line stores orientated to 4Runner/Tacoma markets, not Hilux. Any help/link on this will be appreciated. Thank you
  4. Hi all, I want to fit a low-capacity towbar to my Hilux 4x4 Double Cab SR5 (2005). I just want to tow a bike trailer and small stuff. The Hilux is fitted whith a rear step-bar (crom stuff :P ). The dealer told me that is necessary to remove this bar in order to fit the towbar, which I don't want of course, since towing will be not my primary activity. Honestly I don't trust the dealer ... Can you confirm this issue? Is there a any website where I can get a full catalog with genuine accesories, so I can search for myself? :bookworm: Thanks (rear look like this, but mine is double cab)