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  1. Heard from my Toyota dealer that the New 2007 Previa will offically be out in the UK in 2009 and it's gona be a hybrid version first.
  2. Hi, I have a 95 ST205 and the rear screen wiper does not want to stop moving, has any one had this problem or know a solution ? With the wet weather no one notices it's buggeres but look pretty stupid with it moving on a dry day Cheers
  3. The New Shape 2007 Previa has finally arrive on the UK shores, check this out http://www.coopersplacecars.co.uk/sales.as...amp;pricerange= Seen a white one in Twickenham last week, which prompt me to do a search on the net. :) Reaaly want one now ! but just spent £440 on two 02 sensors :(
  4. I am having to start in the middle of the car as the flexi part is the part that requires replacing so it either replacing. Will be ordering the Aussie Mid pipe soon, still hunting for a good price on a Blitz Nur Spec R. Cheers
  5. Thanks for your reply, as for boost creep I only read about it but not experience it, so in real life what would happen to the car to show it has boost creep, ie does the the exhaust rattle or doe it cough and splatter like an old man out of breath LoL. Does it affect performance? I would lke to go down the route DP + mid pipe + blitz but i doubt if my finance director will authorise it I only mange to sneak the Blitz in So the option I can play with is either DP + Mid pipe with cat or mid pipe with Blitz. What kind of power and torque output do u have on you GT4 setup? Did you install your exhaust system yourself? I am pondering if I should install it myself to save money or let some else to do it to save time and hassle :D. cheers ray ST205 95' Storm Blue Hanworth
  6. Has anyone passed the Cat emission test without the cat? For now I think I will just concentrate from the CAT back so Aussie Mid pipe with blitz Nur Spec. Anyone tried fitting this configuration themselves or is it best to leaving to the mechanics? I noticed from Fensports that the midpipe comes in two pips , that is the second pipe for? Also I know that the Aussie comes in two favours Stainless Steel with HPC coating or Mild steel, which one is better? Cheers ST205 95' Storm Blue
  7. So what do you do when it comes to get the mot? What is your exhaust system set up? How would one get around the boost creep? Sorry for so many questions
  8. Hi Jones~32 Thanks for your reply, would like to decat it but too much hassle when it comes to Mot plus as u mention boost creep. I see you have a sports cat, does this make much difference? I presume it replaces the Standard Toyota Cat, which sport cat do you have and how much. From the Blitz website they say the Nur-spec come with a removable rear baffle section, which is easily removed and replaced by just removing a single 10mm bolt. Do you know how does that work? Cheers
  9. Hi all, I need to replace my flexi part of the exhaust and since I am at it I deciding to replace the whole system from the cat back. I am thinking of getting a Aussie Midpipe connecting to a Blitz Nur spec. What I not sure of is do I need to replace the cat with a 3" down pipe so that I can fit the Aussie Midpipe which is 3" Please advise. Thanks Rcww ST205 95' Storm Blue
  10. Hi All, Trying to find out if factory alarm fitted in the 2002 CDX Previa are either Cat1 or Cat 2 or none off these. Does anyone got any info? Cheers Rcww
  11. rcww

    Ignition Lead

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get some Magnecor Leads for the ST205? I can find some but they are wire only. cheers Ray Storm Blue UK ST205 Hanworth
  12. Hi, Can any one recommend a garage in Middlesex, preferably near Hampton Court / Kingston area Thanks Ray
  13. Hi ya! Does anyone know how to install braided brake hoes on the ST205?? Cheers
  14. rcww

    Insurance Import

    Try www.confused.com it will go through all the insurance companies so save you entering your detail again for different insurance companies. Norwich Union came up the cheapest for me @ £377 for my ST205
  15. Where do you guy get these groovy dials and leds from? I'm after one for the ST205. cheers