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  1. thank you everybody 21 plus VAT plus one
  2. yet another top set of photo's from the man in the know - nice one les
  3. gus

    What A Prat?

    yep - dont panic its not all bad. on the caseing somewhere there should be a hole about the size of the end of a paperclip (funny old thing thats what you use to eject the case - a paper clip.) locate the hole and stick a paper clip down it - you should find the cartrage ejects manually - if not take to the nearest halfords they have tools for just this problem, and are able to eject the cartridge for you
  4. ok a little off topic but this may help - My everyday runaround is a 51 plate 2.2hdi peugeot 407 (large car), it costs me £70 to fill her from scratch and i get just over 800 miles to a full tank. Motorway driving with the cruise control set at exactly 70. round town on everyday sort of trips i can get just short of 500 out of a tank onbouard computer constantly updates the MPG so roughly i am getting motoway - 56 town - 39/41 oh yes and by the way its not your bog standard 407 or 110BHP its the 149 BHP version hope this puts you in the right direction and sorry couldnt help more
  5. Cooking - Roast Duck with orange sauce - Boiled and Roast Potatoes - Coliflower, leeks, fresh garden pees, white sauce and thick onion gravy - all washed down with at least to bottles of the red stuff
  6. Fizz, can i make a suggestion mate that will save you all this hassle - 1. you know where i live and i can do sheffield in 50 mins and its a bit further north than you (only kidding mate) 2. seriously - order the tent from the shop in sheffield for collection not delivery and pick it up on the way to JAE (thats presuming that JAE is this year is south of me and you. just a thought
  7. Quick Question then Guys seeing as we all so knowlegdeable on these mobile phone things with the N73 - if i down load the software does it make the phone into a personal GPS or is it a satnav system? confused you will be!!!!!!
  8. Fizz, Missus has the N73, i have an N95, both fantastic phones and not had any software problems like have been reported before with both these phones, seems to be ok and we are both big air and text time uses. just my opinion though = but i would try and wangle for an N95
  9. Looks ok but from what you describe i'd put my wallet back in my pocket and back away slowly
  10. Jerry - Quick tip mate dont go turning them unless the electrics fail, did it on my MKII and took me ages to get them to lower fully on the electrix after that, had to fiddle around till i got them back to were they ariginally came from.
  11. Snap - i just getting loads of characters too - gutted about the smash mate - but as long as driver and passengers are ok then thats the main thing
  12. you could also try these - i know a small buissness that used these and has not problems at all. Fast Hosts
  13. gus


    Welcome on board fella
  14. gus

    New Supra Owner

    Hi ya - you say it hasnt had any mods , the fuse popping sounds to me like some sort of electrical mod has been done to the car - bodged, found out it didnt work and not be taken out correctly - check for any wireing that doesnt look like it should be there, any wires coming through the holes in the bulk head from behind the dash. only saying because i found four on my MKII were somebody had tried to fit extra dials - oil pressure etc and made a right pigs ear of it.
  15. Dont know if this will help at all Phil, but my old Mkii Supra had the one in thats featured in my sig. i had one or two problems with it when i first got the car and it was that complecated there were only a couple Techies in the country that were able to offer the solution to fixing the problem, so honest oppion is that its a tricky road to go down, but asume that the easiest of the two ways would be to use an old toyota part as apposed to a custom fit. sorry cant be any more help mate
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