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  1. I think if you need to ask a question like that it would be best and safest for you to get the brake/clutch fluid changed professionally......................If you are not fully sure of what you are doing it can be very dangerous to service such a safety critical system yourself. Thanks for concern :) I wasn't going to do it myself because I have no confidence if I have to something this important to the car... I was going to let my garage do the changing but is just that I prefer to buy all the parts and stuff myself so I won't have to run around to buy parts if the garage didn't have it...just kinda to save abit more time
  2. There is 2 plugs for the transmission oil I am assuming then. Just the washers needs changing not the plugs itself? Would I also need to get new washers if I were to change the brake fluids? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the info guys Brake fluid - I will need to change since it hasn't been changed for 4 years atleast... Clutch fluid - Will probably have them to check the clutch fluid to see if needs changing. Can I check that myself? Coolant - I am sure i haven't been using the Toyota brand coolant, I have been using the Halfords "advance". But will check the colour of coolant, think is pink colour still... Transmission fluid - I don't think the previous owner have changed it so it will probably need changing. Will it be possible to check this myself? For the Timing belt/chain - Might inspect later on since the manual stated to check at 100k Ormi - Can you post the service sheet for me please? That would be great help, thank you
  4. Hi all, Just have a quick questions and need some suggestions and opinions. Is that time of the year when I will need to do my MOT and i thought as usual I will get my car serviced. I usually change my oil filter, oil and air filter. But this year apart from the usual service I do because I have had the car for 4 years and done 25k miles on it. I brought the car 2nd hand so the total age of the car is 8 years old now and total milage is 56k. I was also thinking about doing more things such as flushing the cooling system fluids, brake fluids, clutch fluids and transmission fluids. And replacing all fluids I don't know whether this will be a good idea, I have heard and read that you will need to change the fluids every 30k miles or 3 years. The manual also says the same thing however I am afraid if I change it something might go wrong and require fixing.... Any advice? Thanks
  5. Hi all, my plastic key casing is broken and my key has fallen out. been to toyota to find a solution but they told me to replace the whole key which will cost around 180 quid. is there ways to just get a new plastic case and put the old key and remote in? if so, will that be difficult? thanks
  6. A female friend of mine had an argument with a male friend of mine about women and driving. At the end of the argument she asked "Whats a clutch?"
  7. Hi guys, was wondering where will be the cheapest place to buy and have the tires fitted? coz i went to kwik fit today to get it done it cost me loads! but i had to do it since i was in such a rush coz some idiot put a nail in my tire :ffs: thanks
  8. i have a yaris 2001 GLS. i brought my sub and amp ages ago but due to the lack of knowledge i havent been able to install them. And having the worst luck, 2 out of 3 pairs of my speakers blew. The pair at the door and the pair next to the passenger seat (parcel shelf right?) both blew. Very annoyed at the sound in my car atm. Can somebody give me some detail instructions for doing the wiring so that i can install my sub and amp? The headunit i got is a aftermarket one. I was also planning to change the speakers since im annoyed at the sound. Im gona get a pair of component speakers to replace my current ones. I think i know how to install the ones at the door but i have no idea for the ones on the dash. im also gona take out the ones in the parcel shelf. Can anybody give me a guide or instructions to do this? Thank you
  9. my car is silver but thanks for the offer tho :D gona go halfords to get it tomoro and see how it goes, need to wash my car anyway
  10. Thanks alot guys i will try the suggestions, hopefully it wasnt too bad *fingers crossed*. i suppose they can be brought at halfords?
  11. hi, could someone advice me what to do since i had a minor collision with another car. it was nothing major since i was going really slow(under 5mph) and there wasnt any dents in my car but i have a scratch on my car's body near my back wheels. it has the paint of the other car. What should i do? How do i get rid of it?
  12. i got my amp and sub today, any advice for installing them into my car? does it need to be install by a professional or it can be a DIY job? it came with all the wiring kit so i dont think i need to buy anymore things for it.
  13. lol jus realised i cant spell :P
  14. The fasica surround is double bin but i was wondering if there is a single bin one? if so what is the part number? thanks
  15. im also tryin to install a new cd player in my yaris but i still have to get all the parts from halfords and toyota. i think im alright with taking out the original fascia, assuming im brave enough to rip it out lol. But i was wondering if the wiring is hard to connect to the head unit? coz i dont know nothing about wiring...any special advice?
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