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  1. Hi there I know this post is a couple of years old but my rear bumper has popped a couple of clips right at both ends where I reverse into a large large pot! There are many types of Toyota clips on Ebay but can you link me to the right ones? My car is the same as the OP. Thanx in advance.
  2. Eureka,sussed it! What a fiddly little job as the fuses are facing the floor!
  3. Umm? I take it that this is what you can see directly behind the panel which is above the OCD plug port? Doesn't look the same as mine The exact model Avensis 2litre D4D T3-S,first of the newer shape.Dunno if there is a model variation? :help2:
  4. Hi,I've got a 2003 Avensis D4D T3 and I'm buggered if I can see anything that resembles any sort of fuse box behind the panel near the steering wheel as my Dome fuse has gone also (no interior lights,clock defaults back to 12:00 etc etc). There is a black plastic box a bit smaller than a !Removed! packet screwed to a bracket that hangs down with a wire loom plug that goes in the bottom. Could that be it? Thanx
  5. Got a loud rattling noise coming from offside top of engine when she's idling.(D4D t3-s) The steering isn't heavy so I THINK the bearings in the belt tensioner pulley wheel are knackered as she drives fine. Anyone had similar experience of this? Thanx in advance.
  6. The bit that broke off is supposed to close off the by-pass when the stat is open, the coolant then has to go through the radiator. If the by-pass stays open, coolant can just circulate around the engine without being cooled in the rad. That about sums it up. My mechanic say's he's never seen one actually break before!
  7. This caused no end of grief as the small bit fell off and blocked up the water system and took ages to find and was the cause of my overheating problem!
  8. Lusty

    D4D Running Hot?

    Motor fixed.This did turn out to be the root cause. The Thermostat had actually disintegrated and part of it was blocking the radiator inlet and several other bits of it were laying around the cooling system.
  9. I assume this is a normal multi-ridged drivebelt that drives the waterpump and aircon. They last longer than you may think. Normally you check to make sure you have not lost two or more ridges at any point on the belt. The belts and ridges can look quite dry and cracked but still be perfectly fine. I have done' 170k with my 2.0 D4D engine and still running with the original belts. If it ain't broke - don't fix it :) It's all very well running the original belt for 170k but if it snaps it will trash your engine.
  10. Lusty

    D4D Running Hot?

    520 squids to do the cambelt,waterpump and thermostat and flush out the radiator all inclusive using proper parts.Deal or no deal?
  11. Lusty

    Aircon Gas?

    My aircon needs regassing so is it just a case of buying a tin off the bloke on Ebay and putting it via the valve? Thanx.
  12. Hi all,long time no see.Anyway my trusty 2 litre D4D (03)is starting to run very hot going up long hills.(I haven't let it run into the red)and once back on the flat the temperature drops back down to running temperature. My mate who is a mechanic reckons that the impeller in the water pump has most likely packed up as shes not loosing oil or water. She's due a cambelt change and he'll do the water pump whilst she's in bits. So how much is a cambelt set and anyone else had a similar problem because at first I thought it was the heating sensor? Thanx in advance.
  13. Lusty

    Blue Bottles

    HELP! I was on my way home from fishing last week and all my Maggots escaped so I'm dreading the Spring and the inevitable swarms of angry Bluebottles! I've recovered as many Maggots(there must have been a couple of hundred down the spare Tyre recess!) as I could but the buggers are still appearing. HELP!The Mrs will go nuclear when they start hatching out. :(
  14. What will a set of new"glowies" cost for an 03 D4D? Just the plugs,not the fitting. Thanx
  15. You don't say what year your motor is so I'll assume its the new shape one. Yes,a known fault.Mines a 03 D4D and I had the same problem.On the headlights the seals are dodgy and they let in water,then eventually the bulbs start arking which melts the bulb holders making replacing the bulb impossible. Toyota are aware of this so if your car is less than 5 years old and has done less than a 100k,Toyota will give your car two new eyes for diddly squat,they extended the warranty for this fault. Otherwise its 150 squid per light plus labor!