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  1. Good luck gettin one mate :D Rare as :P atm it seems , my mums in america every other week and fellow colleagues have been trying to get em for weeks with no luck :(
  2. I had a 51 plate golf before 2.0 gti and i reckon my old celica is better on fuel that it was .... if that helps :P :D lol Its not bad at all , 3sfe engine in mines thou... uhmm... so yeah uhh.....bet that doesnt help you at all :D
  3. Looks the business doesnt it :D £600 good though....? I was a sony nut til i got this 360 , gonna take a lot to prise me away from it though - looks arent everything ;)
  4. first thing i thought too , then i saw he jus imported it
  5. I think most of the members who reply in general have ****** off now . p.s :P sorry to hear of your theft :( crap start to the year , hope it gets better :(
  6. Booster , where you been hiding :D ?? Your vast celica knowledge has been a loss lately . St202 celica - not a bad wee car really ;)
  7. i thought the ss3 was the later models ? Veilside bodykit should be easy enough to get rid of too ;) Oh yeah and :D welcome to the club mate .
  8. i'm tempted to go nail some wood across my bedroom window , i'm sure a squirrel just blew into it . Good luck to anyone hitting Glasgow/Edinburgh tonight :( i wanted to see the fratellis play too :(
  9. no wonder , you been out today :o Its mad mad mental out there , i scrapped my plans too
  10. chris202


    year , model ? probarly a chav's - he lost the t from vtr
  11. ps3 game reviews None of them look much good anyway 8.6 is the best
  12. sheeet , yeah thats some wee prang ? was it the kerb on the outside lane of the motorway ????? I found loads of scrapped gen6's in glasgow's jap breakers dude - get on the phone , shouldne be hard ;) good luck
  13. heres a even better idea dude buy something better than a ps3 like a 360 :D :P lol
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