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  1. My car drift cannot be fixed as their alignment machine report no problems. Got the alignment refunded.
  2. Yes it was. Basically I had wheels changed and aligned in a London branch. Alignment was off, so they redid it. Alignment still off. Booked into a different branch to get it redone again, but once I turned up, they didn't realise it was a hybrid. So I have to go back to the original branch at another time. I just can't comprehend why aligning wheels is different on a hybrid.
  3. Just wondering why a garage refuse to geo-align hybrids because of being untrained on hybrids. Is doing alignment on a Prius quite different to non-hybrid wheels?
  4. Local police had a free etch your catalytic converter session at the local dealer. They sent a notice around, but calling up the copper to arrange went to answer machine and they never replied. I assume etching is less of a deterrent.
  5. posing

    Key battery

    My mistake. It was a pack of 6 Panasonic batteries for £2 from Home Bargains store. Fitted it after prising the key fob apart. Wasn't too hard, just needed some strength to open it.
  6. posing

    Key battery

    My dealer changed at 2 years but that battery died a couple weeks later. I got that replaced with a suspicious look that it's a different key. Now 1.5 years later, battery dead. Just got a pack of 8 batteries for £2. Hope I can open the key up myself.
  7. posing

    Key battery

    What is the battery type for Gen 4 Prius?
  8. Took nearly an hour to extract the whole update to the usb. Once I plugged into the car, I chose to deselect all countries bar UK. This resulted in a 15 minute install. The new update also changed the look and feel of the Radio station selector, as well as the SatNav. Alls well. Just annoying I had to download all of Western Europe, as there is no option to just choose UK maps.
  9. Downloaded 6.9 update to PC. 7Gb size. However this size file cannot be copied to FAT32 usb drive due to its 4gb limit. Oops didn't realise I have to extract the contents to the usb. The e-store screen listing the update as £109 was confusing at first, until you click Buy, and it changes to Free to match my 3 years free map updates.
  10. If children, drag them out with you. If adults, they might be scared of being carjacked.....
  11. Think its between £400 - £500 to replace one wheel bearing a couple years back, but cant remember 100%. The Toyota dealer can give a rough quote.
  12. Same here. Gen 4 Excel Prius with the tyre pressure warning light on all the time. Been once to dealers. They simply pumped up my tyres 2 weeks ago. Now the light is back on. I went to check tyre pressure at Sains yesterday and front 2 was ok at 32psi and back 2 was overinflated (by the dealer probably - I have 17" and they might have done the pressure for 15") and air was let out to 30psi. Lights still on. Not sure how I can reset it myself. Probably have to go back to dealer for them to check for slow puncture.
  13. New car owners get 3 years of free updates. I haven't updated yet but a few times the sat nav diverted me to avoid traffic jams and the diversion turned out to be worse! Google maps seem to be superior if I want to avoid jams. I'll have to see if the update improves on this.
  14. I find the FM radio is really poor in Gen4 compared with friends Audi FM radio for example. DAB radio in Gen4 is much better but it sometimes cut off with a gurgle, especially driving along a high street with 2 storey buildings close to the road. Not sure if the FM radio is poor or the JBL speakers are poor. FM was similarly poor in a Gen 2 with JBL.
  15. You're a star! No more annoying beeps all the time!