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  1. Thanks for the tip. You gave me encouragement to try again!
  2. Successfully connected up the Maypole smart charger to the battery. Indicator says flat as a pancake. Leaving it charging in the garage. Fingers crossed it will charge and don't need to replace the battery. Battery dead. Need replacement. Darn.
  3. Thank you for clarification. Yes my manual has exactly the same words. I got confused looking at the picture and mistakenly saw the negative being the hybrid battery, but now I understand it is not. Cheers for the help!
  4. On Prius 4 manual, it gives instructions on jump starting where positive goes to 12volt battery and negative goes to hybrid battery after you lift the cover vertically. So when using the charger to slowly charge the 12volt battery it back up, is negative still going to hybrid battery terminal? Surely negative should go to the 12 volt battery directly?
  5. Cracker. That smart charger is half the price of the Halfords trickle charger. Thx 4 info.
  6. My Prius 4 battery is totally flat after 3 weeks of not driving. Open door with manual key. No electricity inside at all. Does any trickle charger will top it up? Googling trickle charger shows a few Halfords brands. Was thinking to grab one.
  7. I booked mine to be done today. Now I got told Gen 4 catlocks aren't available and they mistakenly booked me for a Gen3 😞
  8. What Prius generation? All 13 are Prius 4s? A police flyer advise to park front first into a space so it is harder for thieves to access.
  9. Have there been any reports of being stolen from a locked cat converter?
  10. Saw a masked guy looking into gen 4 car window, then got into an accomplice car and left. Not sure if they are about to thieve.
  11. My car drift cannot be fixed as their alignment machine report no problems. Got the alignment refunded.
  12. Yes it was. Basically I had wheels changed and aligned in a London branch. Alignment was off, so they redid it. Alignment still off. Booked into a different branch to get it redone again, but once I turned up, they didn't realise it was a hybrid. So I have to go back to the original branch at another time. I just can't comprehend why aligning wheels is different on a hybrid.
  13. Just wondering why a garage refuse to geo-align hybrids because of being untrained on hybrids. Is doing alignment on a Prius quite different to non-hybrid wheels?
  14. Local police had a free etch your catalytic converter session at the local dealer. They sent a notice around, but calling up the copper to arrange went to answer machine and they never replied. I assume etching is less of a deterrent.
  15. posing

    Key battery

    My mistake. It was a pack of 6 Panasonic batteries for £2 from Home Bargains store. Fitted it after prising the key fob apart. Wasn't too hard, just needed some strength to open it.