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  1. Happy Birthday binkie!

  2. I am a rank amateur. I have been following all the posts referring to MP3's and MP3 playback. I have not yet decided on a MP3 player but I have a load of MP3 music files on my PC waiting to download. In my tiny mind I would have thought it might be a better idea to wait until a decent FM MP3 transmitter becomes available (there may be one available already). This may get round the problem of dealing with the ‘Connects’ unit and avoid disturbing the Toyota HU (which I am loath to do). MP3's only have a limited frequency response. If the quality is up to FM radio standards that should be OK. You are not going to get ‘Royal Festival Hall’ reproduction in a vehicle. However,..... if you have a radio with an AUX input...all well and good. Cheers Binkie
  3. Hi Could you let me have the name of the FM Transmitter thingy you bought from Ebay? Very keen to get a reasonable FM transmitter. Cheers Binkie
  4. no worries :D , thats what this forum is for, to get different views & opinions here is the explanation from michelin http://www.michelin.co.uk/uk/auto/auto_cons_bib_pqr_neuf.jsp I'm very grateful for all this feedback. It is obviously better than listening to local Mr T or contacting HQ. Binkie
  5. Thanks all for info....Local Mr T said don't bother to swap tyres. I have writen to HQ in Sunderland to get the gospel (if there is any gospel) I'm very nosey...Local Mr T says don't swap...Yaris handbook says swap according to 'turning indicator' on tyre (Yaris bible page 261)...I'll wait for HQ to reply ..assuming that anyone there knows what I'm talking about........cheers
  6. Hi! Any info on changing wheels around to even out tyre wear on Yaris? Does one change back to front or diagonally? At what mileage or not at all? Any advice gratefully received. binkie
  7. I'll have to start saving up for one!
  8. I was curious to learn whether other manufacturers were about to use what I consider to be an excellent power unit.
  9. Does anyone know of other vehicles which use the YarisToymotor 1.4L D4D engine apart from the mini?
  10. If everything you say is true why are consumers buying more diesels? The global growth of light duty diesel sales continues, with 2004 posting the largest volume increase for a decade. The sales ratio of diesel to petrol vehicles for the larger manufacturers continues to grow, led by VW which now reports over 60% of its car sales as diesels. In Western Europe, diesel car sales in 2004 reached a record level of over 48%. In the context of a marginally strengthening passenger car market in Western Europe compared with that of 2003, a 5.4% decrease in petrol car sales was more than offset by an 11.9% increase in diesels.
  11. Currently in Japan, there is a trend running against diesel engines that reveals itself in "diesel bashing" and in the enforcement of stricter emission regulations. In Europe, by contrast, diesel engines are now so popular as to be essential in preventing overall car sales from slumping, with the result that the various auto manufacturers are rushing to develop sufficient numbers of vehicles equipped with diesel engines for their lineups. In recent years the popularity of European vehicles has been growing in Japan. However, little is known in Japan about the European diesel market
  12. For C02 yes, diseasels are cleaner... and monoxide. But, diesels have far more particle emissions which are indecently harmful. The newest of the diesels... usually from the VAG group, with the HUGE catalytic converters are cleaner, yes, but 75% of diesels are dirtier and more harmful to human, animal and plant life than any equivelant petrol. (Obviously a Veyron is going to be more harmful!!) ← However... Diesel cars are better than petrol cars with reference to carbon dioxide, the global warming gas. Diesel cars are better than petrol cars with reference to carbon monoxide, a poison. Diesel cars are better than petrol cars with reference to hydrocarbons which cause cancer. Diesel cars are similar to petrol cars with reference to nitrous oxides, which cause smog. Diesel cars are worse than petrol cars with reference to particulates, which have unproved health impacts.
  13. Isn't the diesel cleaner, generally, emission-wise? Isn't that reflected in the taxation?
  14. I had a shock a few weeks ago...went for first m.o.t for my diesel Yaris Toymotor. Went to local Mr T. 15.000 miles on clock Failed emissions test!! Mechanic said I will use magic potion called Forte. Mechanic went for fast drive. Tested emissions again All OK.. I suggested to Toyota head office that they should include emission test in annual service. In that way they might stop me polooting the atmos which I might have been doing for a year or more. They..Toyota head office were unimpressed.. I wrote to Tokyo Head office. No reaction. Oh well!!!
  15. Hi Manjaser I'm after the same thing...not necessarily with ipod but with an mp3player anyway. If you look thru earlier mail under "more audio input" and "FM transmitter" you will find info on connects 2. Connects 2 gets the majority vote of you want mp3 playback. There seems to be a contradiction in the installation ideas ...some say remove or shift radio/cassete.. "Minidoughty" (see his mail) says you can reach in under dash to plug in. There is no specific info from connects 2 web site nor from connects 2 distributor...'Halfords'. If you unearth any more specific info I'll be interested. I have not made an attempt to buy the unit until I can be more clear about installation. Cheers binkie salkindeu@yahoo.ie
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