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  1. Ha ha, no skyline, still look but I think I would have a part of me removed. ;-) Sounds sad but kinda had fun being old and paying a mortgage! ! ! really enjoyed making my house a home (god im old!) But as a promis to myself I now have a supercharged small car! Hi to everyone else. Good to see the old faces.
  2. HELLLOOOOOOOOOOOO Hi guys, just having a nosey through and as there are so many old names floating around thought I would say hi. Been away awhile, sold my Yaris to move into my house, now three years later and finished decorating and bashing walls around. Cars have suffered over this time...... volvo 240 (ace at moving house stuff)... not so ace on fire! Porsche 944 (beautifull but didnt like the hedge or field we visited) omega 3.0 v6 estate.... (tank!) and finaly 54 plate mini cooper S.... (not broken yet!) and through this all K still has her yaris diesel, coming up 100k mile and still strong. Hope all is well be good to hear what you guys have been up to... Dan + K (still not married! ! ! !) lol
  3. hello strangers....! Well what do you know, I come and have a little look round at what ive been missing and theres a !Removed! meet on my doorstep!!!! (would never had happened if I still had haris! lol) Will check nearer the time if anyones going down, would be good to catch up with some of the old folk! may even offer a cup of tea! lol May see you there.... have fun. (oh and if I go i will have to walk... im back in a german car lol
  4. Ok... lets go though.... Yes its me Yes I got it off of WRC YARIS ? (nick) from this site He added the fith injector... he had it running.... and gave me a rolling road print out with it. The Greddy e-manage is the best way of getting the set up.. talk to envy/jaxx type person. The Blitz site shows a celica one, that uses a intercool so you see that and the pipe work, the yaris uses it as a replacement inlet manifold. The 'dry' run is proberly a crap way of putting... I FITTED IT BUT DID NOT TRY AND START IT BECAUSE THE FUELING WOULD BE OUT. it was a pure, does it fit, does the belt line up... before spending money on the e-manage. Its not blown, you can trun the pully by hand, you can hear and feel the suction it makes. Its not a sunday afternoon fit, I have been 100% honest. Thanks for the coments, but please dont post negitivly when the car goes on next month!!!!!! oh and... happy bidding! lol
  5. Quick dit.... Thanks for the kind words... im not losing my job tho! (i hope), the help is still there. .... and the front C-One lip spoiler is selling with the car..... sorry!
  6. Would just like to say that I will be leaving the 'family' very shortly. I know I may not of posted very often (or at all lately!) but poor little harris is up for sale. The best part of it all is a get to put 'house forces sale' in the add! All though its a good bye I guess I will still read the posts to keep up with you guys. As not to go on, I would love to say a big thanks to all i have met over the last 3 and a bit years, all the spot on meets, even the bad ones! im not going to mention names.... but thanks! Keep an eye on ebay over the next few weeks.... one car, one supercharger, set of lambo doors and std wheels to be added to clear space and add to funds. One name check.... cheers to steve for running the site, keep it up mate. enjoy the 'toc' year! Dan aka yaristpot/chimpy B)
  7. What do you want to pay! Be honest and tell me your lowest quote.
  8. I can do them for you.... Hows saturday morning sound? only prob is you have to get to Dorchester... its not far... (ask chuck!)
  9. Do you still want your springs fitted???
  10. sorry i missed it..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD GIT ! ! ! ! ! ! :D
  11. Can't believe it mate! I think the cops were a bit OTT there. Was this those lovely mod friendly Bournemouth police?. They seem to have a bee in their bonnet about tints! ← I 'lost' my front tints because of the main VOSA man 'tagging' along with the local bobby! I was ready to hit him with the prove it line... and there it was, the light unit.... bum! Peeled mine off myself.. with pound signs in the back of my head.
  12. Have you got any water leeks, check you boot and foot wells for damp, thats a classic with the older cars, if not use air con... its what is there for!
  13. Brake fluid low... Check your front pads arent low....
  14. Front two are proper nuts, back two are plastic push in clips. Best bet is to place two short 10mm bolts in as the holes are threaded......
  15. Some DIY that worked.... im impressed! :D
  16. Sorry, I didnt get it... I wasnt aware I had to read it.... theres a black yaris you forgot if you want to add to it!
  17. What type of fob do you have?? is it oval, black with two buttons?
  18. Sorry Kimi I have been away, so sorry to hear the news, but glad to hear all is going well. Please keep you head up, we are all behind you 100%. Keep smiling :D Best wished Dan B)
  19. cant make it..... I will be in VAGAS!!! :D
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