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  1. if you have money, do a full glanza conversion. i'm from greece so i can't give you any adresses or phones to use, but parts from japan are priced like this: glanza hood=100 pounds bumper with fogs =110 JDM headlighs (crystal with black surroundings) =110 rear bumper = 70 rear wing =70 individuality shouldn't be a problem cuz i think glanzas in uk are very rare. cheers ---
  2. in my opinion, the best thing for the ep91 is the glanza bodykit. i didn't want it myself but then a pajero landed on my hood and since i was going for repairs i put on a full glanza bodykit (except the sideskirts which are hard to find). one thing that is important is that toyota's bumpers are pretty flexible. the truth is , all the junkies parking near your ride are @#$^%@%$@^ holes. if you have a fibreglass bumper they might crack it know. all the scraches on my car have been done by others(including the slash running from the door to the boot. greetings from the starlet club of greece!
  3. YOU can say that again! Greetings from the Starlet club of greece (80 members & still going) B) (i guess it's all greek to you)