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  1. Hi - Thx for the tip. I had my vehicle in for its 90k service 2 days ago. The workshop told me it's because the disc has slight ridges in it - but the rhs also has ridges...?. Strange that only the rear discs have ridges and the front ones are smooth. I've had the car from new, so the pads have never worn to have caused ridges. The 90k service included brake fluid change as well, so hopefully if the brakes weren't bled correctly previously, now they are..? Regards Erwin
  2. Hi - Yes, I have removed the Toyota and Corolla badges from the boot lid. Only left the Toyota symbol and the Verso badges. I carefully removed them using a Stanley knife - slowly cutting the tape between the badges to the lid. Careful not to touch the paintwork with the blade. Once the 'seal' is broken then you can slowly lift and pull the badge of. I then cleaned the remaining sticky stuff of the paintwork using a cloth and a bit of dishwashing liquid - anything non abrasive should work. I don't like multiple badges stuck to a car. Having only the Toyota emblem in the center and Verso at the bottom right of the boot, makes it look less cluttered. At least, I like it that way. Regards Erwin
  3. Hi - I have noticed that my 2009 Verso's left rear brake pads are worn much more than the right wheel's brake pads. Both pads(inner and outer) on each wheel are worn equal though. Any suggestions? Thx in advance Erwin
  4. Hi - Can anyone shed some light on what special tools I may need to change my 2009 Verso's front disc pads? Buying the pads will cost me less than half the Toyota dealer price... Thx in advance Regards Erwin
  5. Hi All - I tried changing the dual filament incandescent brake/tail bulbs with a dual filament LED replacement. Problem is that only the brake light works and not the tail lights. LED'S work fine connecting directly to the battery. Apparently, some cars swap the neg. and pos. around for different functions, eg one way for the brake lights and the other way for the tail lights, which isn't a problem for incandescent bulbs, but LED's being directional, obviously have a problem with that. I tried this on my Verso and on a Golf, and both have the same problem. Has anyone perhaps replaced their bulbs with a certain type of dual filament LED, successfully? Thx in advance Erwin
  6. Hi There - I would say, that it depends on the type of tyre thread as well as the road pattern. My verso has Bridgestone Turanza tyres and I cannot complain of any tyre noise in general. Where I live, there is a piece of concrete road on the freeway which causes an excessive howling/whistling sound. At first I thought something was wrong with the car, but it only happens on that piece of road. Hope this helps Erwin
  7. Hi There - Firstly; congratulations. Secondly; the Verso is the way to go. It has built quality, safety of the highest rating and lots of toys. It is also lovely to drive. Even the 1.6lt is willing. I own the 1.6SX(as it is known in South Africa), have had it for 18months and very happy with it. I would not hesitate buying another one. You get value for money. Regards Erwin
  8. Hi - As per the manual; the VSC in on permanently, which I like for safety, even if you switch off the traction control which allows you to spin the drive-wheels. Erwin
  9. Hi - I know that an anti-fogging spray does exist, which you normally use on your spectacles which prevents the lenzes from steaming up. I don't know what the name is though. Perhaps leaving the airvents open which will allow the warm air to escape may reduce the problem. Have you checked for any broken seals where the moisture could be seeping through? Erwin
  10. Hi - My Verso manual says that when the stability control of the vehicle takes control, then the slip light on the dashboard will flash and a buzzer will beep, to warn you. Once, did I drive at high speed through a large water puddle on the high-way, and felt the steering wheel ***** momenteraly. It was at night, and I saw the slip light flash once, but there was no beeping. Has any-one had the unfortunate experience where the stability control had to take control of your vehicle? Did the buzzer beep? Regards Erwin
  11. Hi all - I thought I'd share my dislikes of my Verso. 1) The radio cannot be played with the ignition off. 2) The doors don't auto lock upon drive-off(my scenic had this option and I loved it for security reasons, especially when my wife drives around and with kids in the car. 3) The second row footwell is narrow. The leg space is great, but I found that bump underneath the seats annoying. Most cars I have looked at don't have that bump, giving more foot space. 4) I would have liked the time and temperature display to be seperate from the other computer display options. Apart from the above, it's a great vehicle. Any opinions? Erwin
  12. Hi - I' ve bought another b-sting aerial(the whip part only), but the smooth type. This one doesn't have the twist in it. I cut it half-way and replaced the end-cap. It looks more sporty than the long aerial. I have found no reduction in radio reception. The Verso's aerial is a standard aerial, so you can get it from a radio shop as well. I bought mine at a radio shop and paid 1/3 of the price Toyota wanted. Erwin
  13. Yep - I had the same problem a month ago. Wouldn't lock, nor unlock. Luckily I was at home so I tried my spare remote and it worked fine. I then tried the 'everyday' remote afterwards and it also worked fine. Never had the problem again. I think that the synchro sometimes gets lost between transmitter and receiver. Wonderfull things these ones and zeros. As long as they work together that is. Erwin
  14. Hi There - My wife left the spotlights on for 3hrs the other day while she went to a Home and Garden show. The battery was as dead as can be. After some phone calls, my car was running again with a spare battery and had the original recharged over-night. The buzzer which sounds when you leave your lights on is not very audible when parking on a noisy road. I wish the electrics were designed to at least dim the lights, if not switching them off al-together as some other cars do, when the ignition is off. This is so otherwise from these !Removed!. You can't play the radio without the ignition on, but yet they allow you to drain your battery by leaving the **** lights on accidentally. I still love my Verso thou. It's solid, positive, quiet, spacious and safe. Anyway, just to let you know when-ever you should disconnect the battery terminals. The only things that need resetting is the clock and the pre-set radio stations and sound control levels. Erwin
  15. Hi - It happened to me the other day. Remote didn't want to lock/unlock to doors. Luckily, I was at home so I used my spare remote. The spare locked and unlocked the doors. Funny thing is that my 'everday' remote then worked fine immediately after having tried the spare. I have never had the problem again. Electronics is a wonderfull thing, as long as it works. Erwin
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