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  1. hi everyone i got a toyota starlet 1.3 cd 97, its been lowered but its stiff and bumpy! The guys at kwik fit said that i got sport springs and shocks at the rear but only sport springs at the front with standard shocks. Can anyone sell me some sport shock absorbers for the front or point me to the right direction cheers
  2. clutch? Damn i was hoping it wasnt that, i really didnt want to pay up to fix it so i lived with it but now i want to fix it
  3. hi everyone i got a bit of a problem with my car ive had this problem since i got my car(2 years ago) but now i want to fix it. Ive got a 1.3 toyota starlet and it is slow to move off from a standing start, i have to rev the first gear a bit before it moves a bit more.All other cars start off faster than me, also my first gear always shakes a bit at binding point. any ideas?Gearbox rebuild? engine tune up? appreciate your help wai
  4. hmmm well it only happening recently, think the battery is ok but yeah i only started using my alarm if i dont use my alarm, lemme c if it could make a difference although i dont think its the battery thx for your reply
  5. damn man your car looks so neat! Do you lot DIY it all yourself?
  6. hi there, i need some help guys, sometimes my car(toyota starlet 1998) wont start as in it wont crank and turn over but most of the time its ok, sometimes when i turn the key to start position its ment to make a rrr-rrr-rrr sound but instead it just makes rrr sound for about a split second or it sometimes sounds like compressed air then i hear silence. is this a bad starter? thx ahead if you can help
  7. hmm thx for the help,ill check out the belts.
  8. hi there ive owned a car for less than a year now so i take myself as a bit new.My problem is that when i start up my car i get a whistle noise for a few seconds and then it stops im sure you guys know what i mean or have heard it before because i heard it before in other cars,ive only got this recently and it is becoming more frequent,any ideas to what is causing this?Or how to fix this? thx wai
  9. thx for the advice everyone!yeah i checked out koni's their cool but yes quite expensive, anyone know the cheapest option with a site maybe?and roughly how much?Damn only if the previous owner sorted out the car when he lowered it...sigh.Actually if i change the springs to another lowered spring but with "softer" qualities ie like more coils,softer material and have my normal shock absorbers/dampers will that be ok?For example if i change my springs to these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Pi-Springs-85-100-To...1QQcmdZViewItem will it be ok? thing is...is it definately just the shock absorbers fault?and not anything else? also ill post a pic of my car sometime and maybe one of u's can tell me how much it is lowered by if u can tell as i have no idea thx
  10. thx for the nice advice.Do u know by any chance where to get these dampers from?Starlet is a rare car..... thx
  11. hi there since everyone here is talking about lowering cars, i thought to ask a question.I have bought a car that has already been lowered(not sure by how much but probably lowered to max)and i get a bumpy ride,i think its to do with the lowered car,is there something wrong with my car if so is there any way to fix this? thx any help will be apreciated
  12. hi i new to this forum and my car knowledge is quite limited.I have bought a starlet that was lowered and the ride is bumpy probably because the car is lowered.I want it to be like a normal ride like most other cars, is there a solution to this?Can i have a lowered car and still a smooth ride? thx,any help will be apreciated wai
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