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  1. Hi, Im trying to get hold of some of the bolts/screws that hold an aftermarket steering wheel to a Momo boss... If anyone has 6 available please could you give me a shout as otherwise im going to have to buy a new boss kit just to get them :( Thanks Will.
  2. "On the night of the incident with absolutely appallingly wet conditions Stephen left Festival Park in his Nissan 200SX and joined the A500 " "It has been proven from video evidence and timing of a phone call that Stephens brother made, who was a passenger in the Nissan along with his fiancé Louise Johnson that the Nissan was travelling at an average speed of 90mph" If the conditions were that appalling what was he doing driving at 90mph with his bro and girlfriend in the car?? this doesnt really go in his favour in my opinion....
  3. I've had the same problem - under the bonnet there is a black plastic valve that controls the ratio of warm/cold - looking from the front of the car with bonnet up you should be able to see it at the back of the engine bay connected to the bulkhead (right hand side). Disconnect the cable that comes from the climate unit and see if you are able to move the valve by hand - if you cant then odds are the valve is knackered, if you can move it by hand something is fouling the cable or there is a fault with the climate box. Sorry i havent got any pics...... Will.
  4. You can only get about 4 or 5 turns on each stud which I thought was gonna be a problem when i fitted them but they've been on ok now for almost a year - I check them for tightness every month or so........ Ill be putting the 16"'s back on soon as ive nailed the 18"'s on kerbs and potholes - the 35 profile rubber doesnt offer much protection
  5. Ken, Ive got 18" Compomotives on mine (ST202) which were off a scooby - they're ET50. Didnt look right though when first put on as they sit too far in the arches. Some 10mm spacers sorted that but now there isnt much thread to tighten them on with....... I also had to fit some spigot rings to accomodate the larger center bore. Will.
  6. This place should be able to get one with or without an LED brakelight - give them a call on 01684 578844 http://www.ffwdmotorsport.co.uk/
  7. This should help... http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=26524 Will
  8. WillB


    I reckon it would be a nice car without the vinyls..... It does seem very cheap though - he only wants $4800 for it - £2668!! Also why is it priced in $$ when its located in Bristol? <_<
  9. There was a guy called Baz who used to post on here - I remember he had his rolled at 191bhp with decat exhaust + filter + lightened flywheel so if you put some cams in aswell maybe modify the head and then get it mapped with a decent ecu you should be looking at 200+...... So in other words its not that easy acheivable!
  10. Couldnt really find much afraid mate, most styling places only seem to cater for gen 6 or 7's.... Found this though? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...7926905427&rd=1
  11. The shipping / import duty / tax / vat will be stoopidly high for a full kit from the states - probably best to find a supplier over here, also if the kit doesnt fit properly you havent got to pay a fortune to send it back! It looks like a Veilside copy - One of the gen 5 members here should be able to let you know of a good uk supplier?
  12. akallis, you have said you own a 'Top Secret wide arch' model of Supra: http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23146 Im surprised you got a quote at all at 21!
  13. The manuals are available for download on www.suprnova.org using BitTorrent - not that i would condone or advise you to do something like that ;)
  14. From draxfuels site - ---------------------------------- What type of fuel do you offer? At present we are able to offer standard diesel fuel and standard unleaded petrol (95RON). It may be possible to offer other types of fuel such as higher octane (98RON) in the future but not at this time.
  15. HAHA mate of mine has just bought one of these Play.com have got them for £18 http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=mchp&pa...DG&title=185486 Bit poncey IMO but each to their own!
  16. Yeah you will have to pre order/pay for the fuel you want on their website and then pick it up from an affiliated petrol station - it isnt up and running yet though so the more people that register the quicker it gets up and running. Will
  17. Has anyone heard of these lot before? http://www.draxfuel.com Sounds like a good idea - i've registered (free) so ill let you all know what comes of it. (junk mail probably)
  18. I used to have a Caliber CXQ3 bass enhancer which fitted in their nicely - 3 knobs to twiddle (oo-er) and two leds - looked pretty smart but after too much 'enhancement' i blew up my sub :( so I sold it. Otherwise some sort of nitrous arming switch??
  19. WillB


    Hmmmm I like Chips.......... :P Think most people with NA gen 6's have gone for a superchips ICON which isnt a chip as such more like a piggyback ecu which alters the ignition+fuelling. The superchips site says that you get 5 BHP for £293......
  20. Nice car Northanbird! http://www.faceparty.co.uk/member_zoom.asp...15&acstr=A05361 I think some facelift (96-->) rear lights would look nice on her though.......they go really well with silver sleekas
  21. I briefly had this amp in my last car but it got nicked!! the model is quite a few years old now but isnt bad - had it powering two Alpine 'S' type subs and wasnt really that impressed, for powering a set of mids or 6x9's or a single sub it should be pretty good though.... Will.
  22. I have a few mates running evos+scoobys that would probaby be interested as were not far from cheltenham.... they arnt running much more than 300bhp though so is there going to be room for spectators to watch the big power? Cheers Will.
  23. There is some info on this here: http://gtfour.supras.org.nz/diagrams.htm Not sure if the SW20 3sge pinouts would be the same as Gen 6 though....
  24. They should do mate - think my 18" Compomotives were originally from an impreza (bit of a suspect purchase from ebay!!) they went on fine but had an offset of ET50 so ive used 10mm spacers to fill out the arches. I think the tyre place i used fitted bigger spigot rings to accommodate the larger centre bore. Hope this helps! Will.
  25. WillB

    96 Celica

    There are a set on ebay at the mo..... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...MESSE%3AIT&rd=1 Or if you you want to try the states http://www.speedhut.com/el_dial_products.asp I'll be going for a set of these i think, Postage aint that bad either! Just cant decide what to go for..... :D
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