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    Charge Lead

    I am not sure if others are aware but I recently had a chargetmaster dedicated external chargepoint installed by British Gas and now they have offered to install these for free in certain areas of the country like London, Midlands, East Anglia and Milton Keynes Check out the offer on http://www.polarnetwork.com/free-homecharge-i-offer It saves having to worry about using the lead as the charge point has its own lead and is a dedicated 16 amp circuit.
  2. Order was placed yesterday
  3. My dealer just informed me that my delivery date is estimated to be end of October !. Therefore that means from placing an order its roughly 4 months wait
  4. True but at least the BIK tax is 5% which makes a difference, it works out for me with the paint and protection pack not much more than a T Spirit standard Prius :)
  5. I also have just ordered a Prius Plugin through my company car lease scheme :). Waiting for delivery date to be confirmed. I heard from a local Toyota dealer that they only have around 1500 cars allocated for UK this year so fingers crossed we will be amongst them.
  6. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone in the UK has had their Gen2 Prius converted to a plugin version. I noticed a number of kits available in the US and one from a company called Enginer seems reasonable in costs. Thx Haydoor
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