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  1. Sorry guys. Bad posting! Its an Aygo, my old MR2 went a while ago and I never changed my profile!
  2. Although I enjoy my little car a job change means I have to swap it for something bigger. I have been stunned by the offers on trade in that I have been given. After buying it and knowing it's one of the slowest depreciating cars out there I wasn't that concerned. Until I actually got some offers ! Its a 56 Grey +, 3 door with 25k on the clock. A citroen dealer valued it yesterday at £3k. Apparently its know one of the least wanted cars second hand after the scenic and clio. He couldn't explain the fact he had an 07 C1 on the forecourt for £5.5k. Anyhow I think I am a realistic guy but what is really worth? Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. Just upgraded stereo and speakers thanks to the help off this forum. Sounds much better. There is an option to add a bluetooth module to the Pioneer stereo for £100. Does anybody know if this set up is any good? I am using a visor mounted kit at the moment and the extra noise of the car is making it impossible to use. Thanks as always.
  4. Thanks all for the reply. Think it looks great Jan so may save my pennies for one. Will not be doing the soldering though my fingers are too big and my skill level too low.
  5. Hi, Has anybody fitted an after market sunroof. Seems like a nice idea for our hot summers. I saw a website for a full canvas one but when I enquired they did not have one to fit. Anybody know different? Thanks
  6. Thats the one. Thanks for the swift reply.
  7. Hi, Managed to change my head unit today thanks to the informative instructions off this forum. Thanks. However, the aerial connectors do not match. I am guessing there is an adaptor out there so any help would be great on where to get one. Also I noticed that the head unit a Pioneer P7000UB accepts a Bluethooth module. The Pioneer one was over £100 does anybody know if there is another unit that fits? Thanks
  8. simonj

    Mk1 Tuning

    Any hints on upping the acceleration on a MK1. I have limited mechanical knowledge (learnt it all on a Triumph Spitfire !!!) and limited funds. Any help would be great.
  9. simonj

    Mr2 Mark 1

    Just aquired a MR2 Mk1 T-Bar on a E plate. Totally standard with only 28k on the clock. I am planning to use it as a secon car a do only about 5k a year. Is there any good insurance deals out there and whats the approx value of the car.
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