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  1. If you do decide to get one, check the alloys. They are terrible. I've had three sets in two years.the set I have on now hare corroding (only slighty but I can see where it's about to come through) in only four months. I have treated them exactly as Toyota recommended after complaining to them. They aren't faulty tho according to toyota. Which means toyota must be happy to let cars go out with sh*te wheels.
  2. Moved away from the bland looks!!! How can you say that the new one is not more bland? Old evo looked class and different to anything else. This looks like a vectra that someone decided he wanted to put in max power mag.
  3. Fitted by a technician. The alarm was supposed to be easy to fit, the intellistart a b*gger!! :!Removed!:
  4. The intellistart was £150 on top of the price of the alarm. The whole system cost me £350. Mine is parked on a road at night, and I also work nights at various locations, so an alarm is invaluable. £150 may seem quite a bit for a "gadget", but belive me, it's been worth every penny these last couple of days. Remember, you can also set it to turn the a/c on in hot weather. (however you leave the car- a/c on, heater on, rear window heater on, that's what will still be turned on with the starter). Sounds like an advert, but no, I don't work for 'em!!!
  5. I've got intellistart. Press a button on the remote whilst still in the house, it starts up, warms the car, defrosts the windows and it is still locked with the intruder alarm on. pure class!!
  6. Just got my new set on. Lets hope they last more than a year this time. Third time lucky.
  7. Just been told today my local dealership charges £15 admin fee. Can walk to it, but have to be without car for a day, as i'm not paying.
  8. What I'm asking them is: Are the wheels defective(in which case they are renewing defective parts with defective) Or do toyota alloys corrode in less than a year(which I'm sure they cannot admit to). I have asked for a catorgoric answer to the above questions. Lets see what happens. As I say, I have had eight which have corroded in less than a year. I'm having a new set fitted tomorrow and I have less than a year left on my warranty. Surely a big company like Toyota can make decent alloys!!!! I (as said on previous topic) have had a escort conv for 7 years. The alloys are perfect. My wife has a clio with 6 yr old fox aftermarket alloys. Not a mark. I use the escort in EXACTLY the same places as the rav. Why should we put up with substandard goods?
  9. There is nothing wrong with your alloys!! Sorry, that's toyota's view on the matter. I am in the process of taking the matter further with toyota. I've had eight corroded alloys in less than two years. Yet they say there is nothing wrong with them. Please pm me ANYBODY with photos details etc of your wheels. The more ammunition I have.... I am not trying for upgrades, compensation. Just for a decent warranty on your sets of replaced wheels, cos at the moment when your three year warranty is up, good luck to you.
  10. big dave


    Just a quick one:- I rang to see how much a 20,000 mile second year service would be from my local dealer. £210 Asked if that was the best price they could do (always haggle) and they said yes, full stop. Decided to book it through the toyota website and they sent me an email saying it would be £190 at the same dealership. Try it, you may be pleasently surprised. THE MONEY LOOKS BETTER IN MY POCKET :D :D :D
  11. tyre dressing yes, but the same as on my other car alloys no problems on any other wheels Just poor quality methinks
  12. Well I don't think I'm gonna let this lie. How much do a set of four toyota alloys cost? Simply not good enough to say that there is nothing wrong with them when they last less than a year Am in dispute with them at the mo. Will inform this forum if I get a reply. :ffs: :ffs: :ffs:
  13. Water and a soft cloth No detergent Same as on EVERY car I've ever owned. Never a problem before
  14. If this works, you'd guess that toyota would have thought of it instead of replacing hundreds (probably more) of wheels I might see if they'll pay for it!! What are the odds?
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