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  1. Hi there... sorry for the late reply... The unite works okish... I'm not all too happy with it as it still freezes up and hangs. If I catch it quick by going from CD to FM and then back again and change the track then at times the unit continues to play... I'm looking forward to gettin my hands on the newer RAV when I can afford one... then I can go back to bluetooth streaming... But anywho, to answer your question... All I see on the screen is the CD screen as if it were a multicd player. I can control volume and tracks via the steering wheel, I set the player to play a play list and let it play...every now and then it freezes up or becomes distraughted...I've come to terms with that, so all in all... when it works its good but when it doesnt... its a pain ... hope that helps. regards rob
  2. Thanks for that.... Think I'll give the speaker change a miss... I didnt realise you would need to remove the whole door panel :-( as I dont really have a garage I wont bother doing this one... unless I can get it into a shop for it to be done.... Thanks again Rob
  3. Hi ALL... has no one here replaced their speakers on a Rav 4.3???
  4. Do tell!! Have you got the same 6cd autochanger headunit in the XT5? What teething problems have you encountered? Very interested to hear what you think - would you be able to do a review of the GROM kit please Well... Fitting it was a doddle... having said that... I first tried to install it without taking out the system... after a little struggle I realised I wasnt getting anywhere due to my for arm being a little on the bigger side... So once the stereo was removed it was really easy to install. Just plug the loombe (not sure of spelling) into the CD changer slot and off you go... The grom kit gets id by the system as a cd changer... The problem I've been having is that the software on my phone kept freezing... I've re-installed it a few times now and also upgraded the firmware on the grom box and touch wood all has been ok. I can change tracks and volume from my steering wheel controls, also I can change albums etc via my smart phone, so all in all the kit is quite good. Richard at carputer shop(who sell these units) is quick in replying to any issues. The USB connector is just about the right length not to have to drill any holes anywhere. My lead comes out just under knee hight from the centre console, there is a wee small gap in the way the console is put together... the USB cable fits through it and then I've got mine following the crease up towards the windscreen where I've got a phone holder... Hope that helps you a little... any questions dont hesitate to ask
  5. I've just added grom kit...not bad...got a few teething probs..but otherwise its great.... really easy to install n all ;-)
  6. Hi all.... Snyone here replaced the big seakers in their front doors? If yes, what size fits the door, and how do you get to them? Thanks in advance Rgds Rob
  7. Ahh... this one does not plug in via an aux socket... this one is a usb connection into the phone... I thought I had it cracked when I switched off the random play setting on the headunit, as you can set the grom player to random, so I thought perhaps both being set to random might be clashing.... this aint the case... Getting intouch with Carputer shop to let them know Im having issues with the app... see what they come up with...
  8. Direct Streaming??? You've got me there... I'm using the app which you need to down load. I think I've realised what is causing the music to stop/the app to freeze... I dont think the app likes it when you set the stereo to random.... as soon as I deselect this from the headunit the freezing ceases to occurr... Would be interested what you mean by direct streaming...do you mean to use the software that came with the phone, or used the blue tooth capability via the grom bluetooth kit (which I dont have btw) Once I've got this going propperly I can leave my CDs at home.... cant wait regards Rob
  9. just bumping this one... Is there no body oot there who's got an auto xt5 who gets annoyed with the doors not unlocking when car is stopped....
  10. Hi fellow Rav type people heres a question for you... Does anyone here get like a yawning noise off the steering? Mainly occurs when stood still or when manovering to park or leave a parking spot.... Would be interested to know if you have got this noise, and more importantly... is it normal?? Cheers as usuall guys. Regards Rob
  11. Hi all... Quick one for yous :-) Is it possible to set all doors to unlock when shifting the gear stick into P ? On the avensis I had (also with smart entry an stop start button)it could be done...it was in the manual but for some reason mrT hooked mine up to a computer to set it up....Ive tried the close all doors pust start 2 then within 10 seconds go through the motion hold down the door lock button for 5secs a d if successful the car wil lock and unlock itself....cant get it to work for me :-(
  12. Its the GROM-USB2 with just the phone USB cable. Was no point in getting the Bluetooth cable as the Rav has built in Bluetooth already....
  13. Hey there guys I've just installed a Grom Audio USB android box to interface with my B9004 system. Is there anyone out there who's also installed one of these black boxes for an Android phone, not an Iphone, and has had problems with it ? I've had quite a lot of intermittent distortion and every now and then the phone app freezes and I need to reset the phone or even take the battery out of it to get the app working again... anybody had a similar issue like mine ? regards Rob
  14. Hey you fellow Ravvers out there Quick question for you... whenever I open the sunroof fully I get a weird wind sound as I drive along... I've noticed though when the sunroof is closed and you open it, it doesnt actually open fully... Is there anyway of getting rid of the wind noise when the sunroof is opened fully? Cheers Rob
  15. Ey up Firemac... I know what you mean about the lag on the diesel. Whilst me Rav was being seen to by my local Mr T for a few days, they gave me a new RAV to play with... I really liked it, except for the seats, the off the line delay and the cheap leather trim along the dashboard why the hell they did that I dont know... Oh... and although the boot door lifting up the way it does is neat... its !Removed! slow too :-( Still, might be on my next car list in a few years... once the niggles and the price have been sorted oot ;-)
  16. Hi Guys... Love my Rav but for got how loud the 2ltr petrol engine is when cold and how thirsty it was... I tend to average 250 miles out of me tank for a mixture of town and motorway driving :-( THAT SAID... I still !Removed! love it :-) The leg space in the back for the kids is fantastic, they also have a little more space between one another in the back also, in comparison to the Vensis we had... Off to Southampton this weekend with the kids and Weymouth the following... CANT wait.
  17. Interesting... Do we have an imput for this system on the B9004? Not sure why this system is not available here in the UK if it allows android devices to link to you car stereo via bluetooth... Thanks for the info..
  18. Great Post guys... # Great music too ;-) unfortunately my b9004 is exposed to loads more than just ACDC... Five finger death punch, Machine head, Tallica etc... anywho, I digress :-( All the posts I've come across mention these "MP3" connectors to be for IPODS.... Has anyone here acutally used the same devices to connect an android phone to their Rav. (If there is one thing I miss from my Vensis, then its the possibility to stream Bluetooth music files to the system) :-( reagards Rob
  19. Hey Guys... Im not after the dog guard as a dog guard !Removed!... its more as a barrier to stop luggage falling forward... I saw the ones on EBAY for the 4.2 but missed out on them... so back to square one... If anyone here knows of someone who's getting rid of one of he 4.3 barrier nets, please pm me ;-) regards Rob
  20. Hi guys... thanjs for the replies :-) i need it more as a luggage restraint and temember having a net one... frim Mr T they go gor around £150 8-O Found one on ebay but it was for the Rav4.2 not the 4.3. Looks like it possibly wont fit :-(
  21. Hey guys... Does any one know if the dog guard net of the 4.2 model fit the 4.3? It looks similar to the one i had before...just wanted to be sure begore i end up wasting my money ;-) Ta
  22. Daamn... they wouldnt update it free of charge... soooo...is there any way to get these updates cheaper ??
  23. Hey guys :-) Can anyone here tell me how to find out if ive got the latest up to date map pack for this nav system... getting my rav this afters and want to c if Mr T will update it if it hasnt already been done.... Ta Rob
  24. Cool... must admit ive become a lazy driver since i had the LC a few years ago...was also an auto,sooo much easier to handle in town traffic...the auto box on my vensus has been the smoothest to date...you didnt notice the gear chabges at all....except when the sport button was pushed ;-) Ih well... getting my rav at 4:30 today :-) :-(
  25. As much as I like the T180 I hate the fact that the thing runs on runflats.... Also found out that my local MR T would not be able to change the tyres as they dont have the kit needed for it. So its the 06 petrol XT5 in black... - by the by - yours looks great mate ;-) ! I know black is a pain in the @%#e to keep clean... but when it is it looks GREAT :-) Well... if the B9004 can play MP4 then I'm in a happier place... just need to burn my stuff to CDs now rather than stream them via Bluetooth... a small price to pay for comfort for the Kids.... Mr T just needs to tidy up the Rav for me... looked at it the other day and the window seals are in pretty poor nick, looks like someone tried to pull them off and the rims, although I'm not sure if they'll refurb them... Will see tomorrow... Ere... anyone know what the autobox is like on these?
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