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  1. Please come down and have a look around and chat, Getting quite a few GT4's down now, including myself Hope to see you there
  2. yes and where the brand new clutch for that price, thats a £600 job on its own
  3. Get a sniffer test run on it, it will sho wether you have H.G failure or not. they dont cost too much
  4. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=73791
  5. Come to the BBG meet guys and gals, ill be there in my 205 WRC, come show some toyota goodness to everyone
  6. Has to be the ST205 WRC, i love myn
  7. I am a longstanding member of Prestons modifed car club WWW.BYEBYEGTI.COM. We are quite a mixed bunch with differant cars ranging from Cosworths, GT4's, MR2's all sorts. There is now going to be a monthy meet held in Preston, and we are inviting everybody down to join in, its going to be cold and dark but we have a lit area in preston asnd usually it is ok there.We are very mindfull of people acting like idiots and this sort of behaviour is rare, so it will be a good night The first BBG Massive Meet will be held on Thursday 6th December at 8.30pm Please log onto BBG for the location, my user i
  8. My Hydraulic tensioner went on my 185 and made a really bad rattling noise, was lucky it didnt throw the timing belt
  9. Recently i had my first child , and got scared of turbos and children so sold my ST185. TRD headgasket, CT20B turbo, TVIS removed etc... it was a great beast and enjoyed stripping it down and rebuilding it into a monster it was Well anyway i bought a rover vitesse turbo sport > and its been ok. Bit bores me now, so i am buying a GT4 WRC 205, and i cant ait, taking it this weekend So will be posting on here again , 3SGTE power for ever > wicked
  10. Cexy_Ratt

    Bov Advice

    I have a baileys evo , dont have any problems at all, although i do get really ****ty GAs milage, but i think that is to do with 1.1 bar and aheavy right foot!
  11. Well after a long time of trouble free motoring with the 4, its finally gone faulty. It cut out at a set of lights and now has no spark. I have replaced the ignitor with one from fensport. Still no spark the dizzy, HT leads, Sparks, rotor arm etc.. are new/ish , all under 9 months old. Next on my list is the coil , Now my question is, will the coil off a ST182 surfice as i think i can get one tommrow afternoon, was just a bit worried abou trying as dont wanna mis match ohmage and blow the ignitor. Any advice warmly accepted. Ps if you have a ST185 coil and done need it anymore, and in preston
  12. Standard GT4 power from a N/A gotta love the beams engine
  13. Cexy_Ratt

    Cv Joint

    What a bugger that was to do , the wheel bearing was nice andeasy to change. The CV would not come off the drive shaft. In the end had to cut all the races out of it with disk cutter and basically dis assemble it with force. The new on went on peice of *****. ARB bushes are a sod to fit aswell. All done now and handle sweet as
  14. Best thing is check for error codes forst, could well be the answer to you question
  15. You can just about get your hands round the back of the inlet manifold to get the sensor out and put a new one in, the sensor might cost a few quid. Should either be a round or sqaure plug.. on the sensor itself..
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