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  1. What Spare Tires? I have a whole 1977 Toyota Station I am trying to sell. Will u look at the posting i have here and let me know if there is some interest? I have posted today on the toyota classic forums. my nickname is brainylobster and my phone number is 740-945-9415. I would love to hear back from u. bluejay@eohio.net. also go to the site for the classic toyota forum and find my posting. I have a picture of the wagon and my aol, msn and yahoo connections. good luck with your car. Thanks...Keith
  2. 1977 Toyota Station Wagon Has been sold brainylobster
  3. U want to see a nice 1977 Toyota hatchback? I am trying to sell...Can u help me out with a collector? It runs, but needs work as it sat for about 5 months and needs a tune up and some TCL. I am not a mechanic, but have been told there are good people out there looking for a bargain. Will u email me if ur interested? even if not, let me know where I could post this information to get some interest in buyers. Thanks, Keith....brainylobster.... email me at: bluejay@eohio.net
  4. If serious about acquiring a 1977 Toyota Corolla station wagon in good solid body condition, email me back. It has been driven from SC to Ohio, and is in very decent shape. Need serious inquiries please. bluejay@eohio.net or phone 740-945-9415
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