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  1. This could be in the wrong place to post this topic The intake pipe has got a fan at the entrance just after the air filter that seems to be sucking in air. The fan operates using the suction that comes from the throttle. When the throttle is open the fan turns. The intake pipe is completely sealed from the opening and at the throttle opening. The only way for the air to go back to the atmosphere is through the fan itself. When the air is trying to go back out side when there is no more space in the pipe, the fan decreases its turning speed. Should there be a small vent so the air can go out without affecting the fan's function? Does this fan help the engine in any way, as in gives a small increase to the power produced by the engine? any information is appreciated
  2. Is it possible to add an ABS to a 7th generation corolla(e.g. ae-101,) that didn't come with ABS when it was purchased? Do you need to get a new ECU, calipers if this is possible?
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