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  1. Don't know about the present 2 litre diesel engine but would expect it to be a perfectly adequate caravan tow car - I towed a 1000kg van with the much less powerful first generation avensis turbo diesel for a number of years and found it more than acceptable. I currently tow with a 2009 (new shape) tourer with the 2.2 diesel engine and find it to be an excellent tow car for my 1250kg van. Fuel consumption tends to be around 28-30 mpg when towing which I consider acceptable. Less acceptable is short journey consumption around town (not towing) which is only low thirties.
  2. For what it is worth my experience of Toyota servicing by Dingles Toyota (Norwich) is decidedly good. Long may it stay that way! Peter
  3. Last year whilst on a caravanning trip my wife and I were horrified to hear a howl of pain from one of our two west highland terriers travelling in the back of our 2009 Avensis Tourer. On stopping the car we found one of our dogs had managed to trap part of his paw in the grooved rail for the cargo fastening hooks. We normally use a blanket in the back of the car but this had been displaced by the dogs. Extricating the paw was not entirely easy but was achieved without injury to the dog. Fortunately I had a roll of gaffer tape with me which I then used to cover the exposed length of each of rail. I have kept the tape in place subsequently to prevent any further danger to my dogs. The hooks and rails ARE useful especially when caravanning / camping with dogs because they allow you to secure a suitable load at the front of the boot area and still leave space - at least for smaller dogs - at the rear, but others might note the danger posed to dogs paws by the unguarded rails. Peter
  4. I also have a 09 plate 2.2 150 t4 avensis tourer and it also has 40000 on the clock. Like yours it can be notchy engaging 1st and 2nd when cold (much more noticeable in the winter). I have had mine for about 18 months and bought it with about 27000 on the clock following my usual policy of buying a relatively young but higher mileage vehicle on the basis that as I am retired my mileage is low and when I come to change the car will be on or below average miles. I find that the problem rapidly disappears once the car is is thoroughly warm. I bought my car primarily as a caravan tug at which it is superb.
  5. You will find that the pre 2009 model has a lower maximum towing limit than the latest model (1300kg if memory serves me correctly?) although as the engines are the same I would anticipate actual towing up to the limit would be very good. If you look at the Caravan Club website there is a car / caravan matching module which should give you a good guide as to the safety and performance of the combination you propose. Peter
  6. I fell out big time with Ford when the clutch and DMF went on my 2006 Mondeo when the car had done only about 32000 miles and was still under warranty. Fords didn't want to know - said clutch was a wear iitem and down to me. Cost me £1500 - hopefully has cost Ford a hell of a lot more as I never pass up the opportunity of telling all and sundry of their ***** awful customer care!
  7. No separate receipt for the battery unfortunately in contrast to a replaced wiper blade which was noted in the visual inspection carried out free at the same time. However the visual safety report does shpw the fitted price of the new battery (£116.52 - pleased not to be paying!). Usefully the visual check included measurements of tyre depths. Quite impressed by the free and unrequested inspection is this usual?
  8. Had an appointment for this Friday. Examination showed that car was charging OK but battery was already flattening despite having done only 4 reasonable length i.e. not unduly short, journeys since total recharge Sunday. Diagnosis - probable failing cell(s). Accepted under Warranty. So now have brand new Toyota battery. Thanks Mr T - one very satisfied customer.
  9. Thanks will try to get an appointment with Mr T this week. Peter
  10. Twice recently I have been let down by a flat battery. The first time I put down to a series of stop / starts with insufficient time to recharge. This second time journeys have been reasonable. Should I be having these problems on a car which has yet to reach 3 years and has 38,000 on the clock? Will arrange to take to Mr T for check up. Peter
  11. I recall that when I had this my previous (1999) Avensis the ignition switch on mine failed and I was able to re-use the barrel without difficulty and that then the cost was only about £12 for a new switch from Mr T but that was about 6 years ago! The switch was the only item other than tyres and routine servicing that I had to replace in the 4/5 years I had the car. AS far as I can recall it was an easy plug in job. Peter
  12. The many electronic features on my Avensis no doubt make considerable demands on the battery and having necessarily completed a series of short journeys this last Sunday involving starting / restarting mine let me down with no warning, the previous starts being faultless. I had to call out Green Flag to give me a jump start. Their operative reassured me that the meter test showed both battery and alternator were fine which is no more than I would expect for a car which is only just coming up to 3 years old. The car started immediately when linked to a power pack and since returning home and being given a complete recharge has continued to do so. Wouldn't it be nice if amongst all those sources of information on the dashboard there were to be just one warning light or digital reading telling me the battery is getting low so that I could recharge it before leaving home!
  13. I am not sure if my car has a DPF or not. It is a manual T4 D-D4D 2.2 (150) diesel estate (current shape) first registered April 2009, engine number 2AF546....... . Is there an easy way to tell? Having read all about failing head gaskets, and the dangers of blocked injectors etc I have recently treated it to a can of BG244 and certainly the running does seem smoother but that could be just an impression. Although my regular winter mileage is small and includes a lot short journeys I chose the car / engine because in the summer I tow a caravan and I have always liked turbo diesels for this. I imagine towing a caravan would be considered beneficial in helping clean out the tubes! I have been concerned about low mpg (very low 30's showing on the dial) this winter and am hoping this will improve as warmer weather arrives. Current mileage on the car is just short of 37000 (I am the 2nd owner). I do take the car for a periodic run on our local roads keeping the revs higher to try to keep everything unclogged (there is a distinct shortage motorways in Norfolk!) and am hoping this, a planned administration of BG244 during the course of every winter and at least a couple of good long runs with a caravan on the back every summer will keep all well. You will hear if it doesn't!
  14. I have the new style T4 tourer. I would generally agree with the comments except that I also have no real complaint with the cruise control which I find easy to use. More of an issue is the push button hand brake which is a bit of a stretch and distrusted as an unnecessary complication with heavy costs to fix should it go wrong. I also think Toyota's costs for updating the Sat Nav (In my case HD) are way way over the top. I am loving the heated seats as it gets colder and the reversing camera but ideally would like front and rear beepers as well - yes you can manage without and for years I did but such aids are a joy when trying to park a large car in parking spaces which seem to get smaller (or is that my age?) Peter