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  1. zebidi as you can guess from my forum name i'm screech from mr2oc. it's a shame you didn't decide to go for big power a while ago. i broke my car which included (all rev 3) sard k27 turbo (rated to 550 bhp) sard external wastegate sard exhaust manifold custom 3" downpipe approx 2" screamer pipe hks stroker kit - longer stroke crankshaft and 87mm forged pistons sleeved cylinder block (as far as i know it's the only 3sgte block that's been sleeved in the uk and not done abroad) ported and polished head, piper 264 high lift cams, aem adjustable cam pulleys, hks valve springs, uprated injectors uprated fuel pump apexi power fc greddy boost controller apexi induction kit custom single exit exhaust (had to be due to the oil cooler being where the right hand tailpipe should be) phoenix power intercooler greddy type r racing spec bov grex (greddy) oil cooler (massive) with thermostat and remote oil filter location i did the block, stroker, cams, valve springs, cam pulleys, and phoenix ic instead of the greddy it came with but as you can see it was well specced already and running nicely. the previous owner was probably a garage when you saw the quality of the work.
  2. that's spot on. my engine was running around the 400bhp mark and was set up for the track, so we thought forged pistons etc. when it was stripped to be rebuilt they found standard pistons, crank and rods, yet a different inlet cam, and ported and polished head. they'd had the engine apart but left the internals as they left the factory. anyone remember the car shahid was running at up to 2bar boost and 550bhp, the engine was all mapped etc in japan and was running on standard internals doing 1/4 mile after 1/4 mile and nitrous was added as well after a while, that engines still going as far as i know and it's been in the uk for over 3 years even being the daily driver of the last 2 owners. driven to the 1/4 mile, down the strip a number of times then driven home. there was also the chap from usa running around the 550bhp mark (usa figures, normally about 10% higher than real figures) doing hill climbs on a 80k + miles engine and all on standard internals
  3. an mr2 with 350 at the wheels is very driveable, i used to hit full boost at 4k rpm (started boosting at around 2k rpm) and it was very smooth, plus in the wet it was safer than standard as you wouldn't get caught out by full boosting at low revs. my old car let go on the piston ringlands when being remapped (fuelling had gone to hell for a bit before the remap due do a split fuel hose and the dyno finally killed it off). was running a sard k27 turbo rated to 550bhp. the !Removed! run the 3sgte with 400 bhp on standard internals all the time, personally i think a lot of it is down to how well tuned the cars are. most people change the pistons just to on the safe side. the standard crank and conrods can handle 500bhp.
  4. screechmr2

    2.2ltr Mr2

    my car was a 2.2, hks 87mm pistons, hks crankshaft and sleeved cylinder block.
  5. i've heard so many bad stories about the place i actually really want to go there to see some of these cars
  6. screechmr2

    Apexi Remap

    i'm pretty sure i've heard pablo (or whatever his name is) has mapped another mr2 turbo around oxford. could also try abbey motorsport or if you want to run your car very rich go to thor. it was mr2lover off of mr2oc.co.uk and imoc.co.uk who may have had his mapped by this chap set your sights on around 300bhp. with those mods i'd expect higher but that's a good figure to aim for still
  7. flywheel figure is around 10% more than the hub figure, wheels figure is approx 8-10% less than hub have fun with it bud, good figures :)
  8. fed up of the saga of getting my car rebuilt so was wondering whether to carry on with the spec or make it more standard and sell some of the bits i got for it. bits i'm debating on fitting are eagle conrods hks crankshaft & hks 87mm pistons (2.2 stroker kit) sleeved cylinder block (rev 3 block) piper 264 duration high lift cams (i.e rev 3 onwards) aem cam pulleys hks valve springs parts still on the car are the apexi power fc, sard k27 turbo with external wastegate and sard manifold, injectors, fuel pump etc so car should still push out good power in future there will be a greddy ic and some ohlin shocks that will be for sale. what do people think? any good offers on any of those parts may sway my thoughts.
  9. screechmr2

    Big List!

    i think the link just for anti lag isn't the best idea. why do you need anti-lag? if you want it just for launches you can get the power fc pro which will do the same. basically all you do is set the rev limit, put accelerator flat and it'll keep cutting the spark and dumping fuel into the exhaust making the turbo spin up. getting 400bhp is relatively easy as long as you avoid ct hybrids and on standard internals, but i'd be worried about when the internals would let go, with the correct tuning and no problems they could last easily but if you have problems that cause detonation then they could let go (like mine did) in style, scoring the cylinders, cracking 2 pistons and destroying the oil pump. jesus - the standard fuelling is not really any use after 350bhp and certainly not the 400 he wants, as the injectors will be above the safe limit of around 85% duty cycle at just 350bhp, no point maxing out the injectors when you can fit bigger ones that'll cope easily. my spec is for 400+ with room for some improvements if i want to at a later date (forged pistons, forged crankshaft, sleeved cylinder block, forged conrods, turbo rated to 550ps etc) but due to mine going pop i've gone overkill, was set to around 400 on standard internals (detonated for a couple of months (incorrect fuelling due to split hose) and blew up when being remapped)
  10. not sure what ones i have fitted at the moment but i have a spare set of green stuff and spare yellow stuff in the boot, just wondered if worth using them at some point
  11. sorry to butt in but what's the difference between red stuff, yellow stuff and green stuff pads?
  12. from what i hear they're good exhausts, same as the mongoose. 3.5" tailpipe, pretty sure the rest of the exhaust is 3" with a 2 1/2 inch stepdown for the connection to the cat/downpipe. def 2 1/2 inch where it connects
  13. the american figures are calculated differently than in the uk, so that 800 is a much inflated figure over what it would produce in the uk.
  14. the ct hybrids are good for very little lag and decent power but they are too inefficient and cooling them becomes a problem with higher power as they simply can't cope with sustained high boost
  15. i'd go the whole engine as well, otherwise when you strip the engine you'll end up replacing all the seals etc, finding damaged parts which need replacing and it'll cost loads
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